• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Joining Qultura


Volunteering with Qultura

Qultura offers volunteering opportunities in addition to the different levels of participation and ways of supporting Qultura to help develop our networks and community. These opportunities can be done both online and in real time, face to face ways, the roles are kept as fluid and flexible as possible, and you can even mix and match different roles, share skills, learn new skills, and evenw ork with us to develop a new network in your local community or organization. We summarize the different roles below. .


We're looking for people to help out with various administrative tasks such as checking pledges and appeals and matching them and other similar tasks. These can be done at home as a virtual volunteering opportunity.


Campaigning to Qultura means the same as 'raising awareness'. This is essentially all about makinbg other people aware of the issues of social stigma and social exclusion, what (generally) causes these issues, what the potential effects are, and how to overcome or avoid these issues. This is done not by continuing the issues and labelling other people, but through the development of narratives and the sharing of personal experiences.


We're looking for people to act as moderators, particularly when it comes to social media, and ensuring that such networks are kept stigma free, supportive, accessible, and inclusive.


We're looking for people to help out with networking and developing networks of people, whether it's developing a local community network, a social support nbetwork or a local community support network.


As a non profit hybrid with charitable objectives our administration works with a governing body of trustees who supervise and oversee all aspects of our operation, maintaining full fiscal control, ensuring that we are working effectively and efficiently towards our objectives and that there are no conflicts of interest. Our trustees meet quarterly in London usually on a Wednesday evening in January, April, July and October to discuss various issues about Qultura and to review our progress and development.

Trustees are independent of Qultura and anyone wishing to join our governing body as a trustee needs to fulfil certain conditions and make a formal application to the governing body. We can provide further information on how to do this to anyone who is interested, but our trustees commit to serving fixed term periods lasting between 2 and 4 years.