• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Supporting Qultura



Unlike most other charitable organizations Qultura is decentralized as we achieve our mission and objectives through networking, cultural change and developing social support systems. This means that supporting Qultura isn't just a case of making a donation to the entire organization. We have diversified the different ways of supporting Qultura, you can pledge your support, make a donation, or become a patron through Patreon. This is because Qultura is set up to work across different local communities and support different people who need support for a wide variety of reasons.

Supporting Qultura itself

Qultura functions according to a 'core' structure. The 'core' of Qultura is a small organization based in Battersea, South London, which is essentially our Primary Administrator supported bya small number of volunteers and working in partnership with our governing body of trustees. We don't rent office space or have headquarters, nobody gets paid, we don't reimburse expenses and our basic operating costs are kept atn a minimum of a few hundred pounds annually, which is mainly to support webhosting, databases and basic administration costs.

Through pledges

Qultura has developed a pledge and appeal system where people can pledge their support and people who can offer support are matched to people who need that support. You can pledge just about anything, donations, help with meeting expenses and costs, space, goods, services, perishable items, and even unwanted iktems. When you make a pledge you receive emails with details of appeals from people who need the type of support you have pledged. Then you can decide whether to respond to the appeal which gives full details of what is needed, why and how to make a donation. You can pledge your support generally or to specific appeals provided you know the unique ID and objective of the appeal. We also have a memorable name or password facility if you are concerned about security. There is no obligation when making a pledge and all details are kept secure and private.

Support through donations

You can also support Qultura in the more common way through making donations. You can only make a donationn through this website and all donations are securely handled by PayPal. This means we do not need or store your personal or account information on this website.

Through becoming a patron

You can also support us through Patreon by signing up to become one of our patrons.