Getting involved with Qultura

Creativity cannot take place without interaction with others.

As we are an organization devoted to developing culture through the promotion of human creativity and individuality, we place a very strong emphasis on creating opportunities for different people to come together, explore and develop their creativity, share ideas and experiences, and connect to one another.

Understanding the critical component of our mission

Where in your local community can you find a space which you can freely walk into, without needing to buy anything, pay for anything, believe anything, and discuss ideas, meet people, talk, share experiences, and get involved in creative activities? You know? Just connect to other people? Our vision is to create a network of such spaces in local communities up and down the country.

The idea, the feeling, the inspiration, the experience, the memory

These are things which all bring people together, people inspire one another, share ideas, share feelings, share experiences, and share memories. This is what life is really all about. When someone you know dies these are the things you miss and you are left with just the memories. These are the things which create and maintain the relationships we have with each other, they also create the culture, form part of society, the shared awareness between people in a community, and they help you to feel part of that community, that culture, and included in society. Feeling included is the strongest and most important human emotional need.

You are an individual

If you have read our section on 'Issues' then you will be aware of just how many issues in life are caused by attachments to beliefs, social conditioning, and people judging others on purely a physical basis - appearance, body size, sex, gender, income, social status, physical identity, ownership of property and material possessions, and so on.

But the reality is that existence is based on energy and life is determined by what you do with the energy that's available to you. There;'s never been anyone like you ever before in the entire history of Mankind, there will never be anyone like you ever again at any point in the future. This is your life, this is it.

Nobody has lived your life or gone through the experiences you have gone through. Nobody else can do things like you can, nobody else has your awareness, or insight, and nobody else shares your unique and individual perspective on life.

It doesn't matter who you are, you always have something to share, something to give, something to contribute. It's all there inside you.