Glossary a definition of key Qultura terms and what they mean.

Discipline (our definition)

Discipline is any process involving creativity and interaction which both centres you and grounds you.

This means that discipline hasn't got anything to do with spanking or punishment but has far more to do with seeking pleasure, happiness, enjoyment, fulfillment, internal validation, through the creation and development of activities, things, events and experiences shared with other people so as to give them pleasure, happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment.

Now you might be thinking here "What? Like good sex?". Kind of. But what discipline is actually really all about is developing mindfulness and empathy with other people in a community. It's also about drama which in Creative Law is defined as the most direct route to developing consciousness, drama being the polar opposite of trauma.

There's a universal principle involved here, which is that of Creative Law in that the higher the level of consciousness in energy, the longer the wavelength and lower the frequency. Such conscious based experiences as pleasure, happiness, love, good health, and creativity all lower energy frequency in ways in which you can feel and experience.

You can develop discipline in a wide variety of ways, through hobbies, interests, social interaction, and even as a vocation or occupation on which you base your income.