Glossary a definition of key Qultura terms and what they mean.


A participant is any member of the Qultura community who is not actively involved in any Qultura Core role but:

  • who is signed up to the Qultura Core network
  • who is registered on our community Message Board
  • who may possess or have read a copy of The Principle and the Process
  • who may be participating in our community projects, research studies or posting on our Message Board.

It may also be someone who is involved in the development of our community and local community culture through a Qultura Core role but who is taking a break so as to:

  • avoid emotional burn out
  • avoid developing compassion fatigue
  • focus on other aspects of their life outside the community

It was also once anyone from the wider local community who participated in a Qultura community project in community space but then COVID-19 happened and our community space closed.