Glossary a definition of key Qultura terms and what they mean.

Qultura (the method)

Qultura as a method is any method which is based on the book The Principle and the Process.

However as the Principle and the Process is not presented as any single or centralized method or belief system, the method here refers to the collective of different individual methods created and being developed by individual members of the Qultura community who have read or discussed the book and its contents (or both).

This means that this is, relative to the Qultura community, your individual method and strategy for following your individual, unique Principle and Process, either as part of the Qultura community, or outside it - after all, the Qultura community isn't the only community in existence, is it?

But this is also relative to the consensual method and culture, defined by the process of cultural development, agreed upon between individual members of the Qultura community through a process of discipline, empathy, development of individual creativity, and also through primary social interaction.

Therefore Qultura as a method here also refers to the living, breathing, thinking, feeling, Principle and Process of the Qultura community as a whole.