Glossary a definition of key Qultura terms and what they mean.

Reverse participant

In Qultura terms a reverse participant is someone who lacks the personal autonomy to be able to independently and freely create and develop a new Process based on individual creativity, discipline and empathy due to societal barriers and hindrances from other people, such as a lack of opportunities.

This can be from a lack of opportunity, but it can also be just as much as a consequence of social isolation, social stigma and social exclusion. Prior to the process of reverse participation an individual's life experience and Process is defined by five types of barriers:

  • practical barriers
  • financial barriers
  • social barriers
  • emotional barriers
  • psychological barriers

It's important to understand that there's as many different ways these barriers can manifest themselves in people's lives as there are individual people affected by such barriers. But they usually restrict or even prevent someone's ability to to become a part of or participate in our community.

Therefore reverse participation is a process of working through these barriers with community support. This means that reverse participation is a supported process, and it is the primary Qultura Core role which is supported emotionally and psychologically from within the community through empathy and compassion, therefore also socially, and also is intended to be supported materially and financially, and also where necessary spatially, by others outside our community such as organizations, businesses, local authorities, government departments and individuals.

The process starts when someone elects to reverse their participation either from outside or within our community and we (Qultura Core) recognize the start of that process. There's no qualifying criteria, applications, or hoops to jump through, because recognition is granted on the basis of the sharing of individual truth presented as a story or narrative.

You can find out how to reverse your participation here.