Glossary a definition of key Qultura terms and what they mean.


A supporter is anyone who provides physical support - which means spatial, material or financial support - to anyone in the Qultura community or to Qultura Core CIC - through an initial pledge of support in order to develop culture or develop a local community.

As our supporters are outside the Qultura community and are local authorites, businesses, organizations, and the people who work with them they play a vitally important symbiotic role as their focus is on running, maintaining and participating in the systems which generate the necessary resources we need to be able to thrive and develop as a community for the benefit of wider communities and people in those communities.

The symbiosis of our partnership with our supporters is based on the common or shared principle that neither we nor the supporters are the final arbiters of what is culture and what isn't, because we understand that culture is the communal or shared property of all the people in local communities and it is the local communities who collectively determine what is their culture and what isn't.

For this very reason we are strictly non-commercial and non-ideological, and we will only accept support from organizations and people who are friendly in terms of humanity and environment.

If you are interested in supporting Qultura Core or our community you need to be on our other website to access the information and resources you need.

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