Glossary of terms and definitions

A reference guide to the terms and definitions used in Qultura.

The Principle and Process

This is the Qultura concept of existence which is based on Creative Law, the universal principle of creativity and interaction common to both the universe and Nature. The universe is space (everything in existence together), consciousness (information) is existence itself, energy (power) is what connects consciousness to space. Therefore consciousness in being existence is the Principle, and the constant creativity and interaction - which is how the universe behaves - is the Process.

You function in the exact same way which means you are the principle and the process. The core of your being is an individual perspective of pure consciousness. This is your principle. Your life - the creativity and interaction - is the process.

About Qultura
The Qultura community

The Qultura community is everyone together who is part of the whole Qultura community. It is everyone in the collective.

Qultura Core

Qultura Core is the central nucleus of the Qultura community, the central organization which serves local communities through the Qultura community. Qultura Core works to promote the expansion of the Qultura community through creating and providing opportunities for people to come together to be themselves, live their truth and develop both empathy and community.


Qultura is the method and system by which we develop and expand the community through developing individual community projects and roles, through which we develop empathy with different people both within ourselves in the community and further in the wider community. The fundamental basis of the Qultura method is the universal principle of Creative Law.

Community roles

A participant is a member of the Qultura community who is part of the Qultura Core network and registered on the Community Message Board and who may be participating in discussions on the Community Message Board but who is not actively participating in the development of the Qultura community through any of the Qultura Core community roles.

Community volunteer

A community volunteer is any member of the Qultura community who is proactively involved in the development of one or more Qultura community projects.

Community activist

A community activist is any member of the Qultura community who is proactively involved in the development of the Qultura community by either increasing public awareness of the Qultura community to the wider community and other people or finding ways of bringing new people into the Qultura community.

Reverse participant

Reverse participants are Qultura community members who are either stuck or held back in life through trauma and various traumatic experiences and who have elected to 'reverse' their participation to work through various barriers which are holding them back while reaching out for additional support from the community. These members provide insight into trauma through their direct experiences and may be either volunteers or activists.

Community projects

A community project is any activity, event, meeting or action which brings two or more people together and creates opportunities for the development of empathy, community or both.

Types of community projects
Creative project

A creative project is a short term community project created to provide opportunities for people to develop their individual creativity and develop disciplines. Discipline in the context of Qultura is to do with the commitment to seeking out opportunities for pleasure, happiness, enjoyment, fulfillment and fun both for yourself and other people.

Social and cultural project

A social or cultural project is a short term community project created to provide opportunities for people to develop empathy through primary social interaction - i.e. social interaction that is pleasant, positive and reaffirming.

Community support project

A community support project is a community project which can be short term or longer, but which is created to provide opportunities to people in the community to overcome or negate trauma and traumatic experiences in their lives, and recover from such experiences, such as COVID-19, so that they can overcome various barriers - practical, financial, social, emotional, psychological - and recover the natural flow of their lives.


An appeal is a specific community support project which is short term and created only by someone in the reverse participant role who needs additional material and financial support to overcome major barriers in their lives. Appeals are published in their own section on this website and may be used to solicit pledges of support from outside the Qultura community, i.e. out in the wider community and from organizations. Note that this was developed as a stopgap solution as we have never been officially funded but it is also developed as a platform to promote and develop a wider public awareness of the consequences of the toxicity of the current socioeconomic system and a key component of the role of the reverse participant in educating the wider public about the direct effects of various social issues.

Whatever support is pledged and generated by the appeal goes directly to meeting the needs published in the appeal and is intended to be of direct benefit to the reverse participant who generated the appeal, and not Qultura Core, who hosts the appeal.

Stable community project

A stable community project is a long term community project which is either capable of generating different short term community projects, such as Qultura Fringe or the Human Library Project, or which serves the long term social and cultural needs of many different people in the community, such as a community library or Project Zero. With the exception of the community library, stable community projects usually require a lot of participation from many different volunteers, activists and reverse participants and thus create stable opportunities for people to become proactively involved in the development of the Qultura community.