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The Qultura Community Blog is created specifically to share creative output which doesn't involve a performance publicly with a wider audience. Completely free to use, free to contribute to, without any of the hassles of setting up and running your own blog (and paying for the web hosting, among other things) you can share original content through us and get it published on a unique webpage with a link which is then added to our Blog+ on either or both of our websites - Qultura and Qultura Core CIC.

What gets published?

If it's original, new and subversive pretty much anything - stories, books, prose, poetry, recollections, personal accounts, experiences, artwork, images, music and songs (recorded), sculptures, paintings, sketches, drawings, cartoons, and all other forms of creativity. This can include such things as recipes, crafts, decorating, modelling (but nothing pornographic), metalwork, woodwork, stonework, and anything creative, artistic and cultural.

If you've created it and others can appreciate it, and it can be blogged, then we'll publish it.

Using the Message Board

This is the first step, the Sandpit Environment, the drafting stage, where you can get feedback and advice from others in the community, and also collaborate and interact with others in the community.


All content is published on its own webpage with a link once your webpage is created. Note that our websites are based on Bootstrap 4 and content is published on a full width page which is accessible on all PCs and mobile devices. Stylistically text is narrowed to run down the centre and our native CSS rules apply so as to harmonize it with the rest of the website.

Media formats

Note that these formats apply at source, and may be scaled down to fit on the page (visual media):

Images and photos
Please ensure that these are 1920px width and either GIF, JPG or PNG
We prefer lossless AAC or FLAC, but can also be mp3. Please don't use either OGG or WAV.
We prefer mp4 (h264) with HD 720p for indoor and HD 1080p for outdoor. But SD 640 x 480 is also okay.

Books and longer publications can be either PDF or XHTML.

Collaborating and connecting to others

This is best done via the Message Board but if you cannot find anyone you might want to consider creating a Connection.

How to create a Connection

Online exhibitions, festivals and collections

Once we have enough posts we can also start thinking about organizing online exhibitions, festivals, and also collections of posts such as poetry, verse, short stories, recipes, and so on into new books and publications.

A major part of the Qultura strategy

The Community Blog is a major part of our strategy of subversion, development of new culture and development of empathy. Totally and completely non-commercial and not inhibited in any way, shape or form by any institution, organization, corporation or government our general idea is to crank out large amounts of new, original creative content from as many different people as possible.


When you feel you're ready to submit content download a 'New Community Blog Post' form from the link immediately below, fill it out, save a copy, and attachment it with the other stuff to an email and send it to us for publication.

New Community Blog Post form

If you want to help develop this Community Blog

Developing this new Community Blog, as we envisage it, is going to be a major operation which will require readers, editors, designers, coders, and others to help out with the publishing and promotion of this blog. You're free to get involved by taking on a Qultura Core role.

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