How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

How to create a Connection

Okay so you've come here because there's someone or something you're seeking or need which you cannot find through your interaction on our community Message Board.

Okay. So what about creating a listing and publishing it on our website under the 'Connections' section? Would that work? Worth a try?

If that doesn't work we can create a meme out of the listing and try putting it out on somewhere else such as a social media platform. You can also try looking elsewhere and bringing someone into the community as well. There is after all more than one way of going about this, isn't there?

Okay so this is what we suggest. You can create a listing by clicking on the link below to access a PDF form which you can open up here on your browser or download onto your device or computer and fill it out there. Once you've filled out the basic details be sure to save a copy onto your hard disk or device and attach that copy to an email (address on the form) where you tell us the details and we take it from there.

New Connection form