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Reading promotes mindfulness, discipline, stimulates creativity and develops empathy much more effectively and efficiently than both meditation and yoga. It's also much easier. What's more a community library is up there with the theatres, cinemas and concert venues as an important community resource and means of developing empathy across a local community.

A Qultura community library defined

Books in any communal space which are freely accessible to a local community - this is what defines a Qultura community library. No membership, no fines, no checking in and checking out, no administration or record keeping, just books on a shelf in a community space made accessible to people.

Why books are still popular

A human brain functions at around 6-8Hz. The screen of a computer or smartphone is between 50-60Hz. A printed page in a book functions at 0Hz. Provided you're not straining your eyes and reading in good light then reading a book makes for a much more relaxing experience generally than reading from a screen. Reading from a screen can still be relaxing, but you need to take breaks every so often to give your brain and eyes a rest due to the differences in energy frequency between your brain and the screen. Not only that but your brain's energy cycles are smooth and organic, and circular, and digital energy cycles are angular, square, and involve flicker. This can affect your concentration and mood if you expose yourself to it for too long.

Just so as you know.

About this community project

This is a community project which is all about creating, developing and maintaining community libraries, as per the definition above. You use the Message Board to create and develop discussions about all aspects of the creative processes involved in developing community libraries and when you're ready to do something about creating one you then create the necessary Qultura Core roles to create a community library. Information on how to do this can be found by clicking any of the buttons below.

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