How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

Using community projects

You're free to make use of any of our community projects listed when you want, how you want, as often as you want, whenever you want without any restrictions. Please note that all the six core or stable projects are all interdependent and interconnected with one another, so you can also make use of more than one community project at a time, or even try and use all of them. They're there to provide you with the opportunities and connections so you can develop discipline, your individual creativity and empathy with other people.

The principle

The principle is no money changes hands in any way, shape or form between Community Members. Period. End of.

This doesn't change the fact that sometimes, inevitably, unavoidably, some form of out of pocket expenses is necessary as part of a connection between two or more people through a community project. This applies more to some community projects, such as Community Libraries and Qultura Connect, than to others. What you need to weigh up are the following options:

  • you cover the expenses yourself
  • you agree to share the expenses with the other person
  • you contact a volunteer or Administrator to create an appeal or figure something out
  • you reverse your participation and create your own appeal

Follow through

Expanding on the above please also, and this applies to all community projects, in the connections you make to others through community projects be mindful of the resources they put into projects, particularly when it comes to their creativity, their time, their energy, their resources, their space, and so on and also, as much as possible respectful of these resources.

Copyright and Creative Commons

As per UK law copyright is owned by the creator of the output at the time it is created. If you perform material then you own the performance rights but not the content. If you write or compose the content then you own the content but not the performance. If you use supporting content in your work or performance then you don't own the supporting content.

For the purposes of our community and projects Creative Commons 3.0 (Attribution) is implicit. This way content and creativity is shared between individual members and is always attributed. This is the commonly accepted standard.

Proprietary content

Please bear in mind that our focus as a community is on creating new culture, not recycling existing culture. The whole point of this community is to create new culture which doesn't exist out there in the wider community, is not commercial, is not mainstream, but is totally subversive. This means that proprietary content should be non-existent anywhere on this website and on all our web spaces.

This is your time to shine, so please, make full use of this opportunity.