How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

Using Formbutton

The Formbutton, which is hosted by third party site Formspree, is the interactive component of the Qultura and Qultura Core CIC websites. We are fully GDPR compliant. Our websites do not track you or surreptitiously store your data in any way. We never knowingly share your data with third parties without your prior knowledge and consent (but please understand we are not responsible for third party websites), and from experience we understand that putting interactive components onto a website always involves some degree of security risk. Therefore there are no comments sections and outside a secure Contact Form and Formbutton all our forms are now in the form of PDF forms. These can be filled out either online or after downloading onto a computer or device, after which you save a copy and then attach it to an email sent to the address specified in the form.

This is done mainly because Qultura Core CIC does interact with other organizations and government departments but both parties - us and them - prefer to keep our systems completely separate. Therefore if you do interact with both us and another organization, a local authority or a government department, such as a Job Centre, it's down to you to inform both or each entity separately and share whatever information you feel you need to in each case.

The central role of our Message Board

Then of course there's the Message Board, which we strongly recommend you register on as it is currently central to the direct experience of the Qultura community. This is due to COVID-19, but after discussing it we decided that irrespective of whether COVID remains with us or not, making the Message Board central to the direct experience of the Qultura community is a step in the right direction. This is now the main interactive component of our website for anything within the community and the more you make use of it, which is completely free of charge, the more it helps us to keep our website traffic to a minimum and effective.

Behind the curtain

Qultura Core CIC is fundamentally and officially one person, our surviving founder and Core Facilitator Stella Baker. This is not an organization, a large community. There is no administration team, or bunch of people somewhere waiting to deal with lots of site traffic. This is a real community made up of people from different communities. A small one. But a developing one.

Onto the specifics

So having got the context out of the way, let's move on to contacting us through this website. The Contact Form remains for longer messages. But for shorter and much more immediate messages, such as if you have a question about Qultura, or our website content, or you wish to comment, provide feedback, request something, or something else, and you feel it's important, you can use the Formbutton.

The Formbutton is the speech button icon at the bottom of any webpage with a grey background. The Formbutton isn't interactive chat. It's essentially an express version of the Contact Form.

Use it to sign up to the Qultura Core network

If you use it to sign up to the Qultura Core network, essential to take on any Qultura Core role, you simply send us a blank message and it's done. You're on the network mailing list. You can forget about it and move straight onto registering on the Message Board without needing to leave the webpage you signed up on.

Use it for quick, important messages

You can also use the Formbutton for quick, important messages. Something you feel needs to be brought to our immediate attention. A direct message you want to send to someone specific or which you feel needs to be passed on and shared with others.

Use it to create a meme

You can also use the Formbutton to create the content for a meme, which is a graphic image with a simple message or statement, or a quote. You might want to do this if you're graphically challenged or want to add some weight to a simple message. We can email you the meme as an attachment and then you can use it however which way you wish.

These are just some suggestions

These are just to give you some ideas. How you use the Formbutton is down to you. After all at the end of the day it's your choice and your words.