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You probably understand a library as a place where you can borrow a book. Our Human Library Project works along similar lines, only you 'borrow' a human being for an hour or more and spend time getting to know them and letting them get to know you. Obviously the human you're 'borrowing' is a complete stranger, so you're both starting from scratch and - due to COVID-19 lockdowns, this project is currently a virtual online project through Zoom, Skype, or a similar medium.


This is an empathy based project intended to give people opportunities to develop their individual and unique strategies for developing empathy and social interaction strategies in the most direct way possible - through getting to know a complete stranger on a one to one basis for an hour or more online.

How the Human Library Project works

Firstly, this is not a community dating project. We know that some people out there like to shag complete strangers, and we make no judgments here, but this is a project intended for you to figure out empathy building and social interaction strategies. Using our primary social interaction schema this is a project intended to develop and expand your individual conscious perspective through getting to know a complete stranger from scratch so that, internally, you become aware of your preconceived notions and assumptions about other people as well as the effects of your individual vocabulary and word choices.

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What is Primary Social Interaction?

Primary social interaction is what we define as having four separate components. Primary social interaction is one of our universal principles.

About primary social interaction

Things you might not know

Developing empathy in this way is one of the simplest, most direct, and most potent ways of developing consciousness, mindfulness and a much improved sense of emotional and psychological well being. Being social creatures, humans form new social connections much faster and more efficiently than any other emotional or psychological attachment you can think of. Benefits (which are shared) include:

  • a broader individual conscious perspective
  • improved cognitive functioning abilities
  • an improved sense of emotional and psychological well being

How to get involved

There's two ways of getting involved in our Human Library Project - internally and externally.


This involves doing three things on our Community Message Board

  • Log in to the Community Message Board, find the 'Developing community projects' category, and head for the Human Library project board.
  • Now you can respond to an existing thread created by someone else, who may contact you via PM to arrange a Human Library session, or you can create your own thread, creating a Human Library profile of say between 100-300 words.
  • Create a list of 'icebreaker' questions to ask the other person. You need somewhere between 5 and 25 questions. You can get ideas from threads created in the Social Zone or create your own.


If you want to interact with people externally, i.e. from outside the community of Message Board members, you can create a Connection which we will then publish in the 'Human Library listings' under Connections at the far right of the top menu.

How to create a Connection