How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

Using our Message Board

It's assumed here that you are familiar with the content of the following webpages:

How to join our community What you need to consider What you need to commit to

If you're not, then you know what you need to do.


Our Message Board is a bog standard ProBoards message board and the registration process isn't any much different from many others out there. You create a usename, give your email address, create a password, and fill out a profile, and so on.

If you've signed up to the Qultura Core network and got the free book, then you're good to go.

Becoming familiar with the Message Board

All the important administration stuff is at the top. Note that the board is moderated. You determine the style of moderation by the choice of language you use in your posts. The style varies from minimalist all the way through to toast.

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Understand here that just like when you make real toast, and you get careless or mindless enough, the toast gets burnt. What happens when your Real World toast is black? You chuck it out, right? The exact same principle applies on our Message Board. Understand that we don't mess around in this community. Exclusion from the Qultura community is usually absolute and permanent.

We're just letting you know up front. It makes things easier for everyone. We'd rather lose all our members than have a single member need anti-depressants because of how someone posted in response to them. That word again. Empathy.

The following universal principle - that of Primary Social Interaction applies throughout:

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Please introduce yourself

The first post you need to make which would be beneficial to everyone is to introduce yourself. You can also tell us your story. You don't have to. But it gives everyone a reference point in getting to know something about you and offers a bit more information than just your username and profile. Write what you like. Come back and edit it if you need to. If you want to edit it but can't, let us know, tell us what you want to edit and we will edit it for you and message you back when we have done so.

General posting

Once you've gone through those steps then you're free to use the Message Board as you wish. You can post in the Social Zone and add more narratives. This is a narratives based Message Board. The more of your individual truth and narratives you share, as opposed to opinions and beliefs, the better it will be not just for you and everyone else.

The Message Board is set up to be the central component of our online community resource for everyone to make use of and share as they feel they need to.

The Nasty Stuff

We're referring to spamming, scamming, trolling, personal capitalism - note that this Message Board is a Message Board, it's neither Facebook or Twitter, so you can throw in third party media content to this particular mix, and other similar stuff. It all gets wiped out. Deleted. Obliterated. Without warning. Without discussions.

Direct messaging

Please be sensible and consensual about this.

Conflicts, disputes and disagreements

There's two ways of dealing with this. Privately through arbitration direct to the Administrator, which exists. Or we can do this in a community based way by creating a new board and section for conflict resolution. This doesn't current exist but it's under consideration. If we introduce it then it will be on the basis of a Common Law principle.

Becoming a Moderator

This requires taking on a Qultura Core volunteering role. Head to the Qultura Core CIC website, then Resources > How do I.. > Become a Qultura volunteer.

Become a Qultura volunteer