How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

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Is there something you need but can't afford it? Do you have things you're trying to get rid of? Is there something you need only for a short period of time but don't want to have to buy it? Have you got things you're not using but are happy to lend? Travel to somewhere regularly and have space in your car? Need to get somewhere but can't afford the fare? Are you getting a sense of what this community project is about?

This is an empathy based project which is predicated on the sharing of things between individual members of communities - everything from unwanted food, household items, appliances, books, items of clothing, bedding and curtains, to carpets, lifts, transport, gardening tools, computer equipment and other things. Please note the creative recycling aspect of this project so if you need something fixed, repaired, or up-scaled, or you know how to do any of these things then this is also a project for you.

Things which you cannot ask for, offer or share

Let's start with mentioning the things which you cannot, under any circumstance, share, offer or ask for as part of this project. The foundation principle of being part of the Qultura community is completely free access to our community and opportunities to develop empathy, community and consciousness. This means that no money changes hands between members of the community in any way for any reason (which defeats the entire purpose of our community, which is to develop empathy, not make money). If it's money you need then go through the proper channel, reverse your participation and create an appeal for additional financial support outside our community.

This also means that there is zero commercial activity between individual members of the community. If you are able to fix or repair things, or remodel or upscale things, and are willing to do it for other people, then please consider offering your skill as a community volunteer through Qultura Core CIC and do it purely for your own pleasure. If expenses are going to be an issue for you, find a recognized reverse participant and get them to create an appeal and obtain resources, material or financial (including new parts for things) through creating a community appeal.

This is not the project for sharing anything which is living, including plants, bushes, or unwanted or desired pets or animals, or giving or offering lifts to unaccompanied children (or anyone under the age of 18). Go find an animal charity and go through the proper rehoming channels. Seeds are the only exception here.

This is also not a project for junk, items which are not working, broken or beyond repair, dirty or smelly clothing, footwear with scuffs and holes in them, half-eaten or partially used food items, three legged chairs and furniture, or lifts in vehicles which are dodgy, unlicensed, uninsured, or liable to break down.

If you're offering items to others then it's your responsibility to ensure that whatever you offer that things work as intended, items of clothing and bedding, carpets etc are clean, food items are properly packaged and 'as new' and vehicles are capable of reaching their destination without breaking down, running out of fuel, or the driver getting stopped by the police. If you're using a commercial vehicle, such as a van or lorry, please don't offer lifts unless you're authorized to carry passengers and in the unlikely but unfortunate event of an accident, there's not going to be insurance issues.

However, apart from that

Anything which is outside the aforementioned is considered legitimate and you're welcome to use your imagination within our guidelines. You can also think of less obvious things such as offering and asking for storage space, asking for or offering transport of items between someone who offers and someone who needs if it's not taking you out of your way or disrupting your journey, offering lifts to people with disabilities (without leaving them in the lurch or stranded) or even chaperoning them to a DWP assessment or hospital appointment.

How to make use of Qultura Connect

There are different ways you can make use of Qultura Connect.

Create a new thread in Qultura Connect

First you need to log into the Community Message Board, head for the Developing Community projects category, and find the Qultura Connect board. Start a new thread as the OP.

When creating a new thread, please ensure that the first word is either 'NEED', or offer 'OFFER', then [what you need or are offering], then [your specific location or local community].

The first part of your post needs to be an accurate, clear description of what you need or are offering in a way which describes it. If you're offering an item, please describe the item. If you need something repaired or fixed, then please describe the issue or problem by describing the behaviour of your item to give others a clear idea of why the item doesn't work. Please bear in mind that if others tell you that your item is completely knackered and beyond repair you may need to create another thread. Also please give accurate measurements when describing the item's size, weight, and also if someone is able to carry the item on public transport comfortably or whether they will need to figure out some form of transport. If you need something please specify what is acceptable to you and what isn't. Indicating why you need an item or something is also helpful.

The next part of your post needs to cover accessibility and availability. When is the item available? Where is the specific location of the item? Do you expect collection? Are you willing to deliver? Or does there need to be a third party to transport the item or give someone a lift? If you're offering transport or a lift describe the journey and give times and dates. Likewise if you need transport or a lift describe the journey and give times and dates. Also please indicate whether you need assistance with carrying or moving the item.

Please also consider attaching visual images such as photos and short videos of the item (if it is knackered) to support your posting. By short video we're referring to a maximum minute in length. Please ensure that the item being photographed or filmed is in a well lit environment. The optimal video quality is HD 720p, but SD (640 x 480) or less is also acceptable.

COVID-19 lockdown tiers

Please respect COVID-19 lockdown Tier level requirements for public safety and so as not to infect anyone or put yourself mindlessly at risk of prosecution over something such as pair of shoes, loaf of bread, etc. Putting any other Qultura community member at risk, any kind of risk, is the swiftest and most reliable way of becoming toast in our community.

Getting your posting published

While we're working to develop human traffic (read members) into our Community Message Board it's going to be necessary to get your posting published outside the Community Message Board. We do this by republishing your post on our Connections webpage giving your Message Board ID and a link to the Message Board, and then we can also create a meme out of that posting for sharing your post further on other social media websites.

How to create a Connection