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There's not much point in developing a community, any sort of a community, but especially an empathy based community, if there is no means of community support within that community. This is what Qultura Fallback is all about, making sure that nobody is made destitute or left starving, isolated, vulnerable, struggling or suffering.

The Inner Circle Tradition

It's probably best to start by describing the Inner Circle Tradition of the Qultura community which existed pre-COVID and lockdown when we would meet in person face to face. This is also part of our food sharing tradition.

Prior to the start of any activity everyone present would sit down and we would share a drink together such as tea, coffee, etc. Usually there would also be food in the form of snacks available. There would also be time for general social conversation where everyone can talk about their day, what's going on in their life, and so on. This was all part of the opening ritual of any activity, any meeting, any event, anything which brought everyone together.

If you were hungry because you hadn't eaten anything all day, or even for a couple of days, this would be the time when we would expect you to speak up and say something, and tell us the story why you haven't eaten. We would then do whatever we could to ensure that you get something substantial to eat, even if it means us getting together a meal for you. If there was something going on in your life which you were struggling with, or suffering over, we would also expect you to speak up, say something, and tell us the story. We may not be able to help you resolve your issues, but at least you would be walking away knowing that someone listened to you, heard you out, and connected to you, so at the very least you could walk away with a sense of connection to the rest of us.

We cannot find the words to emphasize just how extremely important this tradition is to our community. We are an empathy based community. We may come from different backgrounds, have completely different lifestyles, each of us within ourselves being unique, and individual, and different from everyone else, but whenever we come together as a community, within whatever wider community we find ourselves, be it out there in the wider community, or online as part of some digital community, there has to be that Inner Circle, there has to be a feeling and sense of unity, of community, a sense of belonging shared between everyone, based on nothing more than humanity and empathy. Otherwise what is the point?

One plus one can never equal one

What we're referring to here, very specifically, is the whole ideology of individualism which underpins social and cultural values in Western society. Okay so you might have a house, a position in life, you have status, a job, a family, a house, a car, and a missionary sense of self-importance which goes with all that, but let's not fool ourselves that generally on the whole, all this has been achieved through development of an Ego and all the years of Somebody Training that you went through earlier in life to achieve the status of Good Model Citizenry and acknowledgment of Widespread Social Respectability.

None of the above counts for very much in the Qultura community, being an empathy based community which is always within a wider community, but one which is based on mysticism. One plus one for us will always make two, not one. However, specifically in this community project, all of the above means absolutely nothing at all.

So what is it you're not dealing with?

Understand here that 'coping' generally means that you're struggling but only temporarily because you've got something worked out for how to deal with your circumstances or situation in life but it can also mean that you're struggling but just don't have a clue what to do next. Or quite simply you just cannot cope any longer, and there's nobody out there in your life or accessible who you can turn to.

This is what Qultura Fallback is all about.

The Inner Circle within the Inner Circle

This is the start of our internal community support process. We don't care how messed up or screwed up your situation or circumstances are, or how screwed up or messed up the thinking processes of you or someone else were which got you into your situation or predicament, this is where things can start to change.

Qultura Fallback as our community support project which is set up to provide community support without a community support environment is just the start of different options which are accessible to you in times of need and struggle. This is where you find out about all those options.

Depending on your specific situation and circumstances all your issues, barriers, and trauma will fall into one of five broad categories:

  • practical or material barriers
  • financial barriers
  • social barriers
  • emotional barriers
  • psychological barriers

There's no set way to define what these barriers or issues are, and please bear in mind that some issues can fall into more than one of these broad categories depending on your perspective. Only you can determine which category applies to each issue or barrier, nobody else.

Completely free access to creativity, culture and community

This is the founding principle of the Qultura community which applies to everyone equally in the community. These means that no money changes hands between individual members of the community, which means that while you can seek non-physical (spatial, material and financial) support from within our community from others, such as emotional and psychological support, you need to seek the more material aspects of whatever support you need from outside our community. That is the principle.

Now it may so happen that someone ignores this principle in order to help, and if they do, it's entirely on them as an individual member of the community. But it doesn't change the founding principle of this community nor should it be something you seek or ask for from other members of the community. We just want to make this clear at the start.

In the absence of access to real time physical community space where Qultura Fallback would function as a Community Drop In Centre on the basis of our Inner Circle Tradition, Qultura Fallback functions for the present time as a Virtual Drop In Community Project.

It is hoped that by the time community space does start reopening and we have a more established community with volunteers, activists and supporters to back everything up we will be able to return to being a real time community once again where Qultura Fallback becomes part of the local community together with the reopening of our Community Libraries. Just to give you some idea of what is possible.

This is where we point out the 'Just let it rain' blog post in the Core Blog as a simple strategy for achieving mindfulness out of personal trauma. This strategy also features in the mindfulness section of 'The Principle and the Process', the free book which is the basis of Qultura methodology. We're just pointing this blog post out because you might not yet have read the book or might be just browsing our website from somewhere else. You can access the blog post by clicking on the button below.

Just let it rain

As long as you're not spamming or flooding the Message Board, which we assume you're not seeking to do, you're more than welcome to combine your involvement in the Qultura Fallback project with other community projects such as Qultura Connect, the Community Blog and so on. If you need to cross post to be able to do this then please feel free to do so. Do whatever makes things easier for you and seems appropriate at the time. Even if it creates a mess. Don't worry. We'll find a way of coming together and clean up any mess.

If you need to create a listing to be published on our website as a Connection you're very welcome to do so. You can find out more about how to create a connection via the link below.

How to create a Connection

We also maintain a Qultura Fallback community on MeWe, a social media platform. This is the only social media platform on which we maintain a Qultura Fallback community as MeWe is our primary social media platform whyich is concerned with privacy as much as we are. We do not maintain any Qultura Fallback project or group on any other more popular social media platform such as Facebook and we don't recommend posting such sensitive content on any social media platform as Facebook as you don't know who or what has access to whatever you post.

Please note that the Qultura Fallback community on MeWe is a closed community which is accessible by invitation only. You message us for an invitation, and once in this community you are able to invite others. Please do so wisely. If you want an invitation to Qultura Fallback on MeWe you know what to do.

You also have the option of reversing your participation if you feel that you need more extensive support over a longer period of time. This is something you can do at any time and you can find out more about doing this by following the link below.

About reverse participation

If you are in the position of having reversed your participation and it has been recognized then you can access physical support (spatial, material and financial) from outside our community through either being able to create Community Appeals and electing to seek Qultura patronage. However to find out about these options you need to be on the Qultura Core CIC website, not this one.

The Qultura Core CIC website

If there's something else you were seeking but haven't found it from anything above then all we can suggest is that you message us and tell us about what it is you're seeking.