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This is the developing performing arts community for anyone interested in writing, acting, directing, and getting involved in such things as drama workshops, script readings, staged readings, theatre, independent film making, voice overs, stand up comedy, and documentary film making such as Living Histories.

If you're an actor, director or drama student you might have read Peter Brook's 'The Empty Space'. Qultura Fringe is fully intended to be rough, immediate and totally subversive. This means totally non-commercial, non-political, and non-mainstream. Our concept of Fringe might not match your concept of Fringe, but we do things differently as a community and Fringe is no different.

Out there in society control of culture has been taken over by the economists, bean counters, ideologues, as well as the emotionally and psychologically constipated. Everything is getting political and divisive, and it's now time for the dramatists, directors and actors (performers) out there to hold the aforementioned small-minded types to account. Time to remind people in communities that life is much bigger than politics and ideology, that truth and experience really matters and more importantly, that they, the audiences have the right to choose what is culture and what isn't.

We need new definitions

We're stuck in COVID-19 lockdown, which means we're stuck with Zoom, Skype and trying to cobble videos together. We've got a few comedies together - script readings - but we're now focussed on creating a new Qultura Fringe website with new content, new writing, new voices, new comedy, new drama, new documentaries and our latest idea - Living Histories.

Living Histories

Living Histories is a way of documenting people's stories and experiences through a series of interviews conducted through Zoom or a similar interactive medium, video or podcast. You just need three things, an interviewer, interviewee (subject) and a story to tell. You can find different people to interview. From people coming into our Community Message Board, such as people interested in our Community Blog, people struggling in Qultura Fallback, people interested in our Human Library projects, people interested in our Research Studies, to people outside the community, people you know, community figures, neighbours, anyone with an interesting story to tell which can fill a 5-20 minute video or podcast.

Script readings via Zoom

Another idea is script readings via Zoom, of new plays, new writing, and also new comedy, monologues, story telling, and so on. We can develop ideas together on the Qultura Fringe board on our Community Message Board. This is where we can connect to one another, network, find new contacts, make friends, discuss ideas, and define our own brand of Fringe.

Recycling old formats and ideas

Have you ever thought about doing a silent comedy? Revamping a comedy style such as the Goon Show format but with modern twists, such as including women, and modern plotlines? Creating spoofs and parodies? Can you expand on these ideas? have you ideas about the Fringe or doing things differently that you'd like to share with others?

Reverse participation and Qultura patronage

With the formation of Qultura Core CIC (a Community Interest Company) we have decided to develop a system of cultural support which is based on the traditional system of patronage which developing actors will be able access through reversing your participation.

Reversing your participation

Finding other people to work with

This is best done through the Message Board but you can also create a Connection and list your casting on our website.

How to create a Connection

Creating a new production

You can create a new production and we will publish links and stuff via our websites giving you your own webpage for each production and also publish links and post videos and output on our social media platforms. To create a new production simply click on the link below to get a copy of the PDF form, follow the simple instructions, save a copy and send it with your email and attachments to the email address provided.

New Qultura Fringe production

Creating a new Living Histories documentary

Diversifying this a little you can also create a new Living Histories documentary by finding someone and interviewing them for either video or podcast (as not everybody is comfortable on video or has their home up to property developer show home standards) and we will treat it the same as for any Qultura Fringe production. To create such a documentary you need a different form, which you can access below.

New Living Histories documentary

If you want to help develop Qultura Fringe

You can also get involved with the development of Qultura Fringe and are free to get involved by taking on a Qultura Core role.

Become a Qultura volunteer Become a Qultura activist