How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

What you need to commit to

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Okay, so now we come to what we in our community refer to as the Morning Coffee Routine. You might be familiar with the notion. You might start your day with a morning coffee (or cup of tea) to get you going. Only our Morning Coffee Routine is a metaphor so what you need to imagine is a big virtual steaming mug of coffee or tea which we make for you, first thing when you come on our website and try to figure out what we are all about. This is our role in the community and society.

Back before COVID this was a real time Qultura tradition which we have done all along which we would do now if we had access to community space and we could meet up in real time. This is always going to be our tradition as an empathy based community. At first contact, before any words are spoken, before any project or activity starts, you get offered tea or coffee, you get asked if you want milk or sugar, we make you tea or coffee, we serve it to you, we all sit down, there's a bit of chit chat, and then once we've established a connection between each other - an empathic connection - that's when we begin...

Also part of this Qultura tradition, if there's some creativity to take place, you also get offered food, such as a snack, nibbles, biccies, etc. Another part of this tradition is that, if you have come to us feeling hungry, or haven't eaten all day, this is where we ask you what you want to eat from a range of options and we do what we can to provide you with food. You just need to speak up and tell us that you're hungry. Understand that if we can possibly help it, nobody gets involved in a Qultura project feeling hungry, or thirsty, or lonely. These are very basic human needs. Let's throw in shelter and warmth as well and you have five basic human needs nobody should ever be left without - food, drink, shelter, warmth and human companionship. We assume that you get the point of this tradition and we also hope that the deeper significance also doesn't escape you.

So we return to this virtual Morning Coffee Routine, because erm.. um.. COVID. Imagine that this is first thing in the morning, you've woken up in our space, we make you coffee, you have our companionship, and we will even throw in some virtual food if you want it. This is as much as we can do.

You're the one who does the waking up part

We make it very clear that we are not you. We don't live your life. We don't walk your path through life. We don't share your individual reality. We are not here to feed or massage your Ego, to tell you what to think or believe, how to behave, what rules you should follow. This is not kindergarten or play school. We are not your teachers, your gurus, your leaders or any kind of authority figure to you. We define ourselves as an empathy based community because what connects us is mysticism, actual cold hard reality and individual lived truth which you choose to share or make accessible to us and others for the benefit of community.

Okay so now let's get to the point or the bottom line here.. This doesn't matter who you are, how you identify yourself, where you come from, how much money you have or don't have, what your background, education, social status and societal position is - relative or otherwise - for as long as you believe that your so-called "solution" or "quick fix" in life exists somewhere outside your being or your Principle then you've got to accept that you're the one who is leaving yourself wide open to being lied to, deceived, cheated, misled, exploited, used, abused, and stigmatized by others out there in the wider community and society.

Furthermore - and this is the part which often seems to get skipped, omitted, or left out - for as long as you're not willing or unprepared to stop clinging to your Ego and your fake images of Good Model Citizenry and Widespread Societal Respectability just so you can keep within your limited Zone of Individual Comfort and jump onto your Moral High Horse when your Ego takes a knock or gets smacked in the face, then you've got to accept that you're the one who is leaving yourself wide open to stigma, judgment, assumptions being made about you, restrictions being imposed on you, opportunities being denied to you, and so on.

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Oh please don't mind us. You might be one of the many people out there who enjoy fulfilling your assigned Bottom Feeder role in society where you're expected to work hard for as long as possible, pay for as much as possible, but get back the least as possible in return. The carp don't seem to mind that role in Nature. Take a look at the image above. See how incredibly important the role of the mouth is to a carp. Try to imagine just how much mindless consumption takes place at the bottom of a lake or river. So how do you really want to live your life? Like a carp? Or like a fully fledged, fully evolved human being?

Your life. Your choice.

Consider that you can greedily consume fresh consciousness just as easily as you can consume material, physical consumer goods. Instead of bottom feeding and consuming everything in your path, like a retro arcade Pac-Man, you can just as easily use your mouth to connect, create friends, create closer, more inclusive communities, and even a whole new life for yourself. You don't need to change a thing about who you are right now. Keep the exact same beliefs. Everything. The only thing you need to change is your perspective on life. You can change your perspective much quicker than you can actually say the word 'perspective'. You do know that you can exist on more than just one level of consciousness, or don't you?

Your life. Your choice.

Be yourself, be real

This is the only thing we expect from you as a community. Understand that without personal authenticity no empathy is possible with anyone. Without personal authenticity from our perspective you could be anyone, or just a persona and someone who's just pretending to be a human being for the fun of it. A role player. A game player. A fantasist. A pretender. A fake. No different from any of the other fakes, liars and wannabes out there in society.

Nothing else matters.

It makes no difference to us whether you're posh with the big house and the Queen of England accent to match, so seriously messed up in the head that nobody wants to have anything to do with you, or somewhere in between, the only thing we expect from you is that all the while you're connected to our community that you talk your talk, you walk your walk, and you live your truth as much as it is humanly possible for you to do so.

You accept yourself for who you really are in the present moment as much as you possibly can.

What this also means

What this also means is that you never ever betray yourself, sell yourself out or sell yourself short in any way. This includes:

You stick to the principles which created you
This means you, as much as is human possibly to you, stick to living your life on the basis of universal principles.
You commit to balancing Self and Other
This means that you never seek to dominate or control another human being, nor do you ever submit to the domination and control of another human being. You refuse to be someone's captor or put them into a situation where they have to please you, nor do you mindlessly enslave your mind or your being to another.
You walk your own unique path in life
This goes back to walking your walk and talking your talk. You make your inner voice speak louder than the angry judgmental voices around you demanding that you be more like them.

Three mindful choices

In addition to the above, be ever mindful that you can always choose the following:

  • your environment (you have the means to move around, yes?)
  • empathy (you see other people around you, yes?)
  • the language you use and pay attention to (yes, words)

The Qultura Community Tariff

This is our Tariff. The currency of this community is empathy. Something you were born with. Note that unlike physical currency, the more empathy you spend, the more empathy you have available to spend.

Your life. Your choice.

Finally, just because...

Some people are already wide awake when they get the Morning Coffee. Others need more time to wake up. Some even prefer to go back to sleep or have a snooze. Whatever. Just be you and do what you feel you have to.