How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

What you need to consider

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Understand that all existence is based on relationship and all living existence is based on a cycle. For as long as you are chasing the highs you will always encounter the lows. For as long as you keep believing your Ego is real then you will be out of touch with both reality and your individual truth and you will always be struggling for self-esteem and battling with feelings of inferiority or superiority. You will always be playing the Social Game and wasting your life on things which are not really that important.

You don't have to join the Qultura community

It's no skin off our nose if you decide not to join the Qultura community. We're not living your life. We don't experience your reality. We're not here to make any money or sell you an ideology. You might not be ready or feel the need to develop a Qultura method and start being who you really are and living your individual truth. You might have found another method and be happy with that. Qultura is not some divine mystical truth at the end of the day. You do you, and we will do us.

But in case you change your mind and want to become part of our community this is what you gain access to.

Free unrestricted access to local community culture
This is our foundation principle on which Qultura was created in November 2009.
Freedom from cost
Participation in the Qultura community always has been, is now, and always will be completely free of charge to anyone and everyone who chooses to join it.
Freedom from ideology
Nobody here is interested in telling you what to think and believe. No ideology. No politics. No religion. No philosophy. Just mysticism. It's between you, the community and the universe. Seek your truth, find it, and live it.
Freedom from moral obligation
No judgment. No stigma. No Ego massaging or tripping. No social politics or hierarchies or power dynamics. Your societal status or lack of it, your physical identity, your skin colour, your gender identity, your physical ability (or lack of it), your skin colour, your nationality or ethnicity, your sexual orientation, your mental health, your financial status, and all similar aspects of your socio-cultural identity and self-image have got sod all relevance in our community.