How to guides


This section of our community resources serves to guide you through the various processes of becoming involved in the Qultura community. The webpages in this section are meant to serve as a 'how to' guide to guide you through each process. If you get stuck along the way you can message us and ask questions or get further information.

An overview of the various guides

You might have noticed that the links in this section of our website correspond with the links in 'What you can do' which you will also find on all relevant webpages on our site. This means that you don't need to navigate back to this page because either you're going through the process you've chosen or you can return to the guide and process from most other pages. We give a brief explanation of each guide below.

Sign up to our message boards
This webpages takes you through the process of registration, logging in, posting and all aspects of using our Message Board which is linked to the first item in our 'Resources' menu.
Join an online group
This webpage gives you all the information you need about finding, joining and participating in our various online groups on Facebook, MeWe and Groupbox.
As most people don't have a profile on Groupbox we have also provided a link to the Groupbox website where, in return for an email address and a simple password, you can set one up in minutes. Using Groupbox is completely free of charge.
This webpage is all about volunteering for Qultura and everything it involves.
This webpage is all about Qultura activism and what it means and how you can become a Qultura activist.
About reverse participation
This webpage is all about getting community support from Qultura through reversing your participation in our community.