How to support Qultura

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Above is an overview of how the Qultura community is set up to function and our strategy on transforming social and cultural values through the development and use of empathy at a local community level. People participate in the Qultura community at local community level where they become part of Qultura Core to develop local community culture through various community projects. However participants from within the Qultura community support people who have elected to reverse their participation to focus on barriers in life. These people are supported by people and organizations from outside the Qultura community who create opportunities for people to be included in the wider community through the Qultura community.

The importance of pledges

Why pledges are extremely important to us

Pledges are extremely important to us because they give us valuable information on where we can access support and also give us valuable information which is essential to people who elect to reverse their participation in the Qultura community. We seek to create opportunities for community support in some of the heavier and more complex social issues such as social stigma and social exclusion. These are issues which can get very resource hungry very fast if you don't know what you are doing, don't have the right information or don't make the necessary preparations.

Furthermore some of the people we support have already been let down by the system. Some are feeling suicidal and extremely concerned that they cannot survive. We are determined never to risk letting these people down.

Pledges are also extremely useful in eliminating wastage in resources. Qultura is very strict about effective and efficient management and use of resources as usually we are struggling to function with very limited resources - space, finances, and time - and this not only holds us up and holds us back but it also reduces the possibilities and the number of opportunities we can offer to people out in the wider community.

It takes only a few minutes to pledge your support and it's important to remember that a single pledge might be the one which enables someone to turn their life around.