How do I...? A process guide on how to do things

Becoming a Qultura volunteer

Okay so you're a member of the Qultura community, all signed up, having read the book, and registered on the Message Board but you want to take things one step further and help develop the Qultura community further.


You can take this one step further and become part of our universal volunteering system by taking on a Qultura Core role. It's called a universal volunteering system because, just like the universe, our system of volunteering is self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating.

You have already signed up to the Qultura Core network, so there's no need to apply for anything. You're already part of the Qultura community, and Qultura Core is just the central hub or 'core' of the whole Qultura community. All you're doing is taking on a Qultura Core role to help develop the community. There's three basic roles, depending on what aspect of developing the community you want to get involved in:

  • Community support and development - the volunteering role
  • Community outreach - the activist role
  • Reverse participation - the supported 'free role' for those who need support from the community and others

It's important to understand that nothing is set in stone and you are free to switch roles and even combine different roles to create a unique and individual volunteering experience.

Click on the link below to be taken to the corresponding resource section on the Qultura Core CIC website (just like this section but with completely different options) so you can figure out what you want to do. You will start from the information you need to become a Qultura volunteer.

Become a Qultura volunteer