It's how. It's what. It's never why.

Someone close to me once remarked that the song 'Ruby Tuesday' could have easily been written about me. Some people have suggested that I write a book about my life story. I don't see the point. From your perspective my life is a story which you either believe or disbelieve. This is what you get when you ask why. A story. But surely this website and my core philosophy in life, which amounts to six webpages and which you are free to make use of for your own benefit is going to be more beneficial to you than my life story.

Besides my life story fits neatly into a single paragraph and says the same as the song (lyrics provided) above. I have never fitted in or conformed ever in my life. I've never been mainstream. My life has been about constant change and evolution. The first 25 years of my life I lived without any definite sense of identity. I drifted, played along, kept an open mind, and changed. I have lost so many different people from my life, people near and dear to me, people I trusted, people I was close to, people who could only accept my past and never my present or future.

There is nothing good or bad in this world, only thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare

Most people cannot deal with the trans label but they also don't understand that being trans was what gave me the opportunities to make the connections I made in life, not just in terms of people but also very much in terms of consciousness. That label alone has been a great tool allowing me to empathize with different people in different communities.

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The real reason why you're not free

The only reason why you're not free is that you haven't figured things out in life to be able to align the three different versions of reality you have to deal with on a daily basis.

Here I'm referring to real freedom, not the fake bullshit "American" concept of freedom (or 'free-dumb') where you put your Ego front and centre in everything and start throwing your weight around because you have entitlements, privileges and so called 'freedom of speech'. There's nothing free about going through life like some overgrown self-centred narcissistic three year old child. Life is not kindergarten.

You are not marginalized in any way but, by the same token, you're not entitled to anything in life, neither from society nor from the universe. Nobody owes you anything and until you make the effort and figure out the discipline and build the trust necessary in order to live, you're not entitled to bugger all in life.

The only thing which probably makes me different from other people is that I never ever ever settle for belief. The only two things I'm prepared to believe are my own experiences and my own truth, i.e. the truth I create from life. I'm one of those awkward people in life. Belief is not enough, I have to know, and until I know something I will dig, and dig, and dig, and dig, and dig, and dig, and keep digging until I get to the nitty gritty and truth.

I'm not at all comfortable with my ignorance. I know how it always works against me, always manages to mess things up, and always leaves me wide open to be screwed over by other people. This is the whole thing about ignorance and authority. If you're comfortable with your ignorance and prepared to go through life creating authority by believing with other people believe and trying to be like them, then don't be surprised if you find yourself always in a position where someone else can pull your strings and get you to do stuff which you don't want to do.

You might be okay with being a puppet on a string and never really being in control of your life. I'm not. But if you are you have nothing to complain about over the way you get treated by others, be it other people, your employers or the Government. You put yourself in that zone. Only you can take yourself out of that zone. This is how life works.

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Truth v. authority. Religion v. mysticism.

One of the biggest issues we face right now comes from the followers of religions such as Christianity believing that they're entitled and others are not. I'm referring to all those who believe that these are the so called 'end times' and that the Book of Revelations is a prophecy which is to be fulfilled. These are the people who claim to be Christian but who are not Christian because Christianity is a religion which, like Islam and Judaism, is chock full of mysticism and the core of which follows the great mystical tradition. They have not resolved their karma or ignorance (which is what karma is all about - ignorance) but simply believe they are the Chosen Ones.

Okay so let's play along with the Armageddon Game for a moment. You can tell these fake prophets and they are fake prophets because they are of the priestly tradition - they all hold positions of authority. They are the lawmakers. These are the people who want you to bear the Mark of the Beast. The so-called 666. Keep in mind we're all playing along with a delusion here. This is where I give you the sign of the lamb on your forehead.

The only chapter in the Bible you need to understand is the first chapter, the Book of Genesis. Learn about the real reasons why Adam and Eve and the snake got tossed out of the Garden of Eden. It's because Eve took from the Tree of Knowledge without permission. It's the exact same reason why Jesus got crucified. Jesus got crucified because as a prophet he went against the lawmakers. Look into the history of Judaism and Christianity and also the history of conflict between the Jews and the Muslims. It's all motivated by the same conflict between the priestly tradition and the prophecy tradition. The Jews don't believe in a messiah, but for the Muslims, the prophet Mohammed is central to that faith.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me

John 14: 6, Holy Bible, New King James version

This is all you really need to know of Christianity, or indeed of any religion. This is the mysticism in a simple, single statement. I am not religious. I'm a mystic and a shaman. My mindset is based on the Therevada, which is based on hinayana Buddhism and the Pali Canon. Therevadists all walk the 'Buddha' path. You are your messiah, you create your own philosophy or faith from your life experience and your connection to others. You claim no authority over anyone else. You do not follow any ideology or belief system. You live your truth totally and focus on your connection and involvement in a community. You do not conform. You live your life as you were born to live your life, as a conscious individual human being.

You never, ever, ever ask why

Consciousness is the fundamental basis of existence, not energy. Energy is just the connection between consciousness and space. Energy is physicality, it's your body, everything you can touch and hold onto. Everything you can see, touch, feel, smell, taste, it's all physicality, it's all form, it's all dimensions. It's all transient and impermanent. Climate change is reality because we exist in a universe where change is constant. The climate is physical, its all atoms, molecules, air, water, but it's consciousness which is information and which gives everything it's form and dimension. Consciousness defines energy, and energy defines space.

You create the universe and reality from your own perception and experiences. You are a human being, your mind and perspective share a single solitary focus of conscious attention. You think in purely physical terms, logical terms, linear terms. You scan and this is why education takes so long because you have to literally scan hundreds of miles of text from left to right (or from right to left if your native language is Urdu or Arabic). Contrast this with the universe which is infinite and coming at you as a multidimensional continuum of sensation and experience.

You never, ever ask why. You exist in an infinite universe and a sea of consciousness as a single, solitary perspective of consciousness - your reality is the only thing which truly belongs to you. Your body and everything else is physical does not belong to you. It belongs to the planet.

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If you don't believe me..

If you don't believe me then please explain to me what all those white stones are doing in the field pictured above. Please explain to me what is buried beneath each and every one of those white stones if not a human body. So what is the reality here? Does your body belong to you, or does it really belong to the planet? If you still think your body belongs to you, explain to me then why you leave your body behind when you die and everything else which is physical. The only thing you take with you when you die is your consciousness. Death is like sleep. It's an interval between life experiences and the only difference is that you leave your body and physical life behind when you die and start all over again as someone else.

The reason why you never ask why is that whenever you ask why you're inviting someone to tell you a story or are seeking a story. All stories are great when used as examples of what is possible, but they are all just stories and just like beliefs they're all based on assumptions. Neither is the truth and unless it's your story and your experience neither contributes anything to your truth, your perspective or your consciousness. You see you can believe everything you read here but all you have is a theory or a story. You can also disbelieve everything you read here and dismiss it as gibberish. In that case you have a negative theory or story. But nothing written on this webpage or indeed this website adds anything to your truth, your experience or your consciousness. It's all just words, it's just a story, just another perspective, just another belief.

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The sheer importance of keeping an open mind

If you're reading this then you're reading the latest version of the Qultura website which has been redesigned and updated by me to be the most relevant and up to date version of the website. This is the COVID-19 lockdown version and I've simplified it to make it much more immediate as a resource.

It's now just four main sections. There's the Core Reference section which is based on Creative Law above and is the resource developed to help you figure out actual reality, or the reality of the universe. Then there's the new Ignorance section, which is developed to highlight the ignorance you can come up against both out there in society and within yourself (or me). Then you have the Community section which is entry level Qultura community information, and then Qultura Core which is intended for those who want to get involved more deeply and help develop the Qultura community.

Fundamental to participation in the Qultura community is keeping an open mind, exploring all avenues and considering all possibilities. Most people don't do this. Most people are so confused as to what reality is that they immediately draw a conclusion long before they've even started to consider or examine the possibilities. They want soundbites and simple memes because the only information they're really interested in is some degree of confirmation which confirms their delusions and makes their ignorance much more comfortable and easier to accept.

This is the mass of people out there who you will never see walk into a community centre because for them life is all about 'me me me me' and 'take take take' giving as little back in return as possible. They're out for whatever they can get in life and these are the people who the political parties love because the politicians can bamboozle the shit out of them and manipulate them knowing that they can get the money out of them as well as their votes. These are the people who are conditioned to be hostile and divisive towards other people, especially anyone who is different to them, just as they are conditioned to be competitive, because it's much easier to control people who are selfish, ignorant, greedy and anti-social. Do whatever it takes to keep them away from the community centre, keep them divided, isolated, dependent, and on their knees in total servitude. This is what politics is really all about.

The importance of discipline and trust

If you want to be free, and here I mean being really free and not some over-privileged, over-entitled idiot or imbecile or political tool, then you've got to be committed to being yourself, be involved in a community, be committed to developing empathy and making connections to other people, and be committed to being real and authentic. To achieve all these things you need discipline and trust.

It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from, what your circumstances are and how you live your life. You can be the lonely misunderstood cat lady or the washed up older bloke without a job and a future just as you can be a corporate director, a well known actor, singer, but you are committed to making life easier and happier for both yourself and other people, you never allow yourself or your ignorance to harm other people, other animals or the environment, you're part of a community and your way is the only way you're prepared to live. This is what discipline is all about.

Trust is also vitally important. Most people don't do trust. They do beliefs, assumptions and ideologies. You can tell such people because these are the people who are seeking change outside of their being and out in society or in other people, or they're waiting for someone else to come along and hand them their changes on a silver platter. Just like the political parties have conditioned them to be by constantly feeding them the next Great White Hope, the next shining example of Good Model Citizenry. This is why all political leaders in the West have to be white and privileged or live as if they are white and privileged. If you're black, Asian, need a wheelchair, or are dirt poor forget it. It's never going to happen.

But trust is critically important to achieve discipline and empathy. You've got to trust the universe first and foremost, understand that you really are the universe and connected through consciousness to both the universe and your environment and species - because we are all the environment. The body we're all walking round is the packaging and nothing more. When you trust that you're really part of the universe and the environment, then it should be easier to learn how to trust yourself. Understand that everything which has happened in your life was meant to happen and it happened so you can be you who you are today.

Then, if you can grasp the concept of trust this far, then it should follow that you understand that everyone else, every single other human being on the planet, is just the same as you but a different version of you. Every single person you come across has the potential to be a friend, an ally, a collaborator, a talking post, or someone who knows about stuff that you don't have a clue about. Am I saying that you should trust everybody? I wish I could, but you know and I know that society isn't quite at that level of civilization. Collectively we have a long way ahead of us before we reach the John Lennon 'Imagine' stage of social responsibility. But it was never meant to be reality, was it? That's why he sang:

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only oneJohn Lennon, 'Imagine'

My advice is that you trust your community, the people who you know will come through for you, and the people who matter so much to you that you drop everything to come to their aid.

Qultura is a community resource

Please also understand that Qultura is a community resource, and nothing more than a tool for developing community and solidarity between people in the local community. This is how my late partner, the other founder member of Qultura, Fibbo, or Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens, who died in 2013 saw Qultura and this is how he saw Qultura at the very start.

Please understand that Fibbo was a musician and a guitarist who was exoerienced at forming and joining bands so he was a lot more into the discipline aspect than I am. Being a guitarist is all about playing and developing your mastery of the guitar, finding your style, and also, when you join a band, it's also about rehearsing, constant rehearsing, and developing a repertoire. You've got to get along with your bandmates and develop empathy because whenever you're out there on stage you've not only got to focus on your playing and using both hands differently to get the sounds out of your guitar, you've also got to be constantly aware of how your other bandmates are playing.

Qultura isn't a ready made community you just sign up to. If you come in expecting this then you're going to be sorely disappointed. Qultura is the interface which exists in your community and an important resource and tool for developing your community and solidarity between members of a community. This is something we do which is our niche in the local community. Things are sparse in our community and we are a small community not because we don't know our shit or how to get it together. We're small and sparse simply because people come into the community expecting it all to be made simple for them and handed to them on a plate.

Therefore Qultura is the opportunity, the possibility

Think about all the people you come into contact with on a daily basis. Think about all the people you live with in your local community, your street, your housing estate, your local area. Now think about all the people you come across online, on social media, on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, MeWe, Twitter, and so on.

Qultura is designed to be a community interface both online and offline - out there in your local community - an alternative community where you can bring people into and get to know them, discuss ideas, thoughts, feelings, make deeper connections, and also get to explore and develop your ideas, your creativity, use our website as a platform for your voice, your perspective, your ideas, share your needs, reach out to others, get community support, and on a deeper level get your shit together and start living your life the way you want to live.

This is why Qultura is an empathy based community.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.