Human extinction

have we reached the end of our evolution and the limits of our consciousness?


We are working to destroy the planet and Nature and Qultura estimates that if we continue along our current trajectory Mankind could be extinct as early as 2030. We present our reasons why below.

Loss of natural habitat.

Human beings are no different to any other species, we are animals, we need sleep, food, access to clean water and the right environment in order to thrive and function. We could live on space stations or in other artificial environments such as underground or in submarines but we need access to food, medicines and other things and this requires a living, thriving planet. No different from other animals, when our natural habitat goes we will die out. Money may be finite but natural resources are not.

Climate change

We are going through a process of accelerated climate change and global warming. Climate change is caused by excessive amounts of high frequency energy in the atmosphere, which comes from pollution, the burning of fossil fuels and warfare. What also doesn't help is the mass production of various mobile devices and the increase in the use of processors which also increase energy frequency. This is leading to a reduction of wintry weather particularly in temperate climates. Wintry weather is essential for cooling the planet, reducing energy frequency in the atmosphere and replenishing the planet's stocks of groundwater through freezing.

But increased temperatures and loss of water also affects everything which lives - the difference between physical mass and biological matter is that the latter contains high volumes of water. We can only live within a specific range of energy frequency, no different from any other animal or plant. Therefore if the energy frequency continues to rise the environment will become less hospitable and eventually uninhabitable.

Conserving energy doesn't help. Energy is not physical so using less of it doesn't make that much difference. Energy also doesn't disappear when it stops being used, it just changes. The fundamental issue of climate change is energy frequency which is too high. The problem is that we are using dark energy to create more dark energy and this is what is disrupting the climate because dark energy belongs in space, not in our planet's atmosphere.

Energy frequency can be reduced by human creativity and investment in cultural development. This is not a new concept and has been known since the start of the 20th century. What isn't known is whether we can become sufficiently creative as a species to reverse or halt the process of climate change.

Rapidly diminishing stocks of groundwater

The Earth is not short of water. Two thirds of the planet is covered by water - but it is sea water and saline. Groundwater is our only supply of fresh water and it is rapidly diminishing. The only way of replenishing and increasing this supply is through wintry weather and freezing. All we know how to do is to desalinate sea water which is expensive and complicated.

Mass extinctions

There's been five mass extinctions in the past. Human beings are driving the sixth. The tragedy of this is in carrying out what appears to be a genocide of vertebrate animals humans could end up destroying their own natural habitat and ecosystems and being included as a result.

There is no point in apportioning the blame here. Throughout the entire 200,000 year history of homo sapiens we have sought to dominate and control our environment and everything in it. Despite being the most socially variant species on the planet we have not evolved that much beyond other primates or social animals such as large cats and dogs which also form hierarchies based on domination and control.

But it's the invention of the concept of money as a system of value to obtain that what we need to live which has caused us to lose our close relationship with the environment and Nature. It is the widespread belief in the monetary market system, which dominates every economy, and every society on the planet, and the belief in perpetual economic growth fuelled by endless consumption and consumerism which is working to destroy the planet and deplete it of its natural resources as well as killing off other species through exploitation, deforestation, destruction of natural habitats and climate change.

Bees are among the latest species to face imminent extinction. Bees are a critically important species for the pollenation of a wide number of plants, trees and flowers. The extinction of bees will cause massive food shortages and also, with consequent extinctions and shortages of plants, will also impact on such things as medications and cosmetics.

As with climate change we have not yet reached the point of causing a mass extinction there is still time and opportunity for change.