Human individuality


Who you are in reality

You are composed of the same energy, space and consciousness as everything else in the universe and started out as a small clump of biological cells within your mother's body - created usually with the help of your father. This energy, consciousness and space has come together to create the four fundamental things which make up you as an individual human being.

Your mind is the universe from your individual perspective.

Your mind is made up of everything you can perceive and experience and together represents the nature and quality of both your experiences and your life, and also the process aspect of your life experience. It's important to understand that you think for your mind and not with it - you have a brain for that. Your mind is your unique and highly individual perspective on life. When we talk about promoting human individuality at Qultura we are referring to creating opportunities for you to enjoy life.

Your senses transform energy and consciousness.

Your senses transform energy and consciousness into sensory perception for your brain which manifest in the form of sensations and experience. Your have different senses but by far the most powerful and most sensitive sense you have is your skin, which like all other senses is based on touch and contact. Your sight through your eyes creates light from energy so you contact light and colour with your eyes. Likewise you create sound and noise through your eardrum so you connect with audio energy, and so on.

Your brain processes energy, space and consciousness.

Your brain is a very powerful quantum electromagnetic organ which perceives, detects, transforms and manipulates energy, space and consciousness and projecting it back out from your individual perspective. The energy from sensations and experience is transformed through language into thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and further sensations. However only a small amount of your brains functioning (around 4%) is connected with your mind and consciousness attention and the rest is divided between sensory perception, unconscious thought processes and regulating the energy frequency to that your body functions in a way which is as opyimum as possible for your well-being.

Your body supports everything else..

Your body id the transient mass of biological cells containing essentially space, water and energy which makes up everything else which supports the other things, i.e. your brain, senses and mind. In needing such things as air to breathe, water, access to light, food, exercise, and so on your body interacts with the environment and universe just as much as everything else which makes up you.


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Life is the experience of being able to perceive everything else in the universe from a unique and individual perspective. It's all still a part of the energy, consciousness and space in the universe which is expanding outwards from the Big Bang. Only just as consciousness reduces energy frequency through a sound when you hit a gong, consciousness is developing within this energy in the universe from the Big Bang to create life in different forms which is why evolution and life is just an opportunity to be able to perceive the consciousness in the energy of the universe from a given unique perspective.

Aspects of life

Below are the four things which go to make up a life. The idea here is not to try and sell you on any specific or particular belief system or ideology but to give you an idea of the fundamental basic components which together go to make up a life. We assume that you are the expert in how things apply to you because nobody else can be you, nobody else has lived your life or had your experiences.

brain hemispheres

The two hemispheres of your brain.

The right hemisphere is biased towards sense and experience, emotions and feelings, energy resonances and vibrations, imagination and visualization. It's the part of your brain which connects you to everything else.

The left hemisphere is biased towards conscious attention, perceived physicality, language and also control of energy frequency and projecting energy in different forms. Being heavily focussed on language, culture, beliefs and behaviour your left hemisphere is your 'inner voice' and picks out details, and more details, comparing your perception with that what you have already experienced. It's the part of your brain which focusses on you and your relationships to everything else.


Your perception is unique to you.

How you perceive life and the world is completely different to how a baby perceives everything. The baby's perception of everything is undifferentiated and completely open, while your perception is differentiated and highly selective. To the baby everything is important, there is no perception of difference between self and other, or between voluntary and involuntary. You on the other hand differentiate between what is important and what isn't. However the baby's perspective is much closer to reality simply because they have yet to be socially conditioned and educated to think and behave in certain ways.

life path

The Life Path is essentially your source.

There's a major shift in perception around the ages of six and seven when the child starts asking questions about their environment and other people and figuring out their own life. This is a very early attempt at becoming selective and developing a differentiated perspective based on a concept of self which is based on the Ego and how one relates to everyone and everything else around them. The Life Path is all about perceived reality and possibility and an attempt to make very important decisions about one's life relatively early in childhood.

This later slips into the subconscious through social conditioning and education but it is the central reference point used by the brain through memory to determine your life experience and how you perceive it. This means that it is very important in shaping your unique and individual perspective on life.

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Evolution on different levels..

Evolution is a process of increasing the development of consciousness on different levels which can be individual, social, or pertain to the entire human species. This takes place through culture, developing cultural awareness and through cultural development which is the general purpose of both education and social conditioning.

This is very much a two way process where you are taught certain things by other people such as your parents, teachers at school, other family members, your friends, and also by the media, broadcasting, cultural figures and everybody else, and also you develop and acquire various beliefs and aspects of you from other people through your own personal choice and also mainly through a process of trial and error.

However much of what you are taught and also much of what you develop is done through various beliefs many of which are presented as the truth, when in fact these beliefs may be actually true, partly true or even completely false. Both truth and reality are heavily based on your own personal perception and experience and there is a very clear difference between actual reality and what can be described as cultural reality which is not based on actual reality but on language and beliefs.

Indeed there is no shortage of people in life who seek to define you and tell you who you are and they do this in various ways, such as telling you who you are, by putting you into certain situations, making demands on you imposing obligations, passing lawss and if you are someone who is naturally socially inclined you go along with much of this. This is where, if you don't pay enough attention to how you connect and relate to others and develop your perception of consciousness through actual life experience you can quickly lose sight of who you really are, the meaning and purpose of your life and awareness of what is actually going on around you.