Human individuation


Human individuation is the starting point for developing empathy.

Your life is really all about you. But not in the way you've probably been led to believe. You are the centre of the universe from your unique and individual perspective and no matter where you go, how you live, or who you are, this fact remains a constant. You are not marginalized in any way and your perspective and how you develop it is an important step in the process of human evolution.

But the problem is there's no way you can live without getting involved with other people, society and culture. Outside of the few people you will share deep and meaningful connections in your life with, most other people will be your biggest challenge and obstacles to you being you. This is because modern culture works against almost everybody but most people become enslaved by it, as you can see if you spend any amount of time on any social media platform. Thanks to individualism many people you come across will be on some kind of power trip and they will be trying to define you, label you, tell you what to think or believe, or generally trying to get one over you.

Language and culture can also become traps if you're not careful but they can also be used to liberate you. The general tendency of culture and language is to dis-empower you, diminish your value and uniqueness and try to make you feel as dispensible and generic as everyone else. Then when many people end up feeling small in the system, and isolated - because society based on individualism is stratified and for most people often an experience which involves isolation and or alienation - when you're looking for mentorship or guidance, or support, you turn to an organization - a college or university, a corporation, a political party, a church, a social movement, and this is when you end up not with any guidance or mentorship, but just an ideology or belief system.

You have to become your own highest authority

It's important to understand that, when we tell you that your life is all about you, we are referring specifically to your unique and individual perspective on life and it's the constant development of your unique and individual perspective which gives you your authenticity and your style and which gets you the connections to other people. Your perspective is the only real thing which truly belongs to you in life, nobody else has it, it's what makes you stand out, unique and special, and just for this very reason alone you need to appoint yourself your own highest authority and final arbiter over what becomes part of your perspective and what doesn't. If you can achieve this then you can become immune to a lot of the cultural bullshit out there.

But there are other things you need to watch out for and pay attention to. We highlight these below.


Any ideology has limited value when you're young, like in your teens and trying to figure out how things work. But generally any ideology if you're older is nothing but either a scam or a power trip.

This includes a lot of religion. Not all religions are bad and not all churches are bad, But good religion teaches you the common core principles of the religious traditions without trying to sell you the ideology or the divisionism.

However it's important to understand that ideology kills. Nazis. Stalinists. Heaven's Gate. This is not a childish game. You're selling out your perspective for someone else's belief and betraying yourself. You're repeating the same thought processes over and over and over again and ruining your perception because you're not experiencing or seeing the world as it is in reality, but through the frame of an ideology. Our advice is if you're coming across ideologues keep one hand over your wallet and the other hand over your bumhole.

Time traps.

A time trap is a distraction which shifts your focus of attention away from the present to either the past or future. There';s an army of therapists, counsellors and life coaches all out to make money out of you by getting you to focus on your past and - even worse - hypnotists who will make money from messing up your headspace and perspective. Then you have the other distractions which shift your attention to the future, and again away from the present moment where your focus needs to be.


Hacks are another thing you need to watch out for and avoid. Hacks try to convince you that there's an easy way to do something, or there's a short cut. Many of these hacks have a lot to do with personal development or self-improvement. Again hacks are another aspect of culture and social engineering designed to dis-empower you, dumb you down, and diminish you.

Trauma and emotional baggage are an inevitable part of life which cause attachments and create barriers which impede you in your journey through life. They lie on your path for a reason and that reason is to motivate you to develop your perspective and change your perception of consciousness. Such issues are still life experience and your attitude to such issues determines how you get to work through such issues and whether or not you resolve them.

You get past your issues by getting out into the community and sharing your insight and perspective on such issues with others. For this reason we have created the role of reverse participant in our community if you get stuck in life or get bogged down with too many attachments. Only you can get past your issues in your own way and doing so requires not much more than community participation and social interaction. If you need material or financial support you can create your own appeals and gather resources. Sustainable support for your issues from others is a fundamental part of being in our community. You will always find your own way past your own issues in your own time, but the quickest, most efficient way forward isn't a hack, but community participation.

False mysticism.

Like religion and politics there's a lot of bad mysticism out there which is either tied to self-improvement or just simply ineffective. Sure meditation and smoking weed can help to expand your mind and develop imagination but so too can reading a book, art, creative activities, face to face social interaction, volunteering, and getting to know strangers. You have to rely on your felt sense of immediate experience to figure out what works best for you and be your own judge. This is all part of you walking your own path through life and developing your perception of consciousness in your own way.

Social media.

Qultura and social media don't have an easy relationship given the fact that we're primarily concerned with soul building and connecting people, and social media is concerned with promoting egotism, creating social conflict and messing up your headspace. Social media is nowadays all about developing egotism and forcing ideology down your throat, which is why politicians love it. The key to using our social media spaces is to make use of them to create deeper connections. Note that as of 2020 we plan to migrate from Facebook and start using MeWe as our primary social media platform.

Commitment to consciousness

Individuation is all about your commitment to consciousness

This isn't just individuation but also what human evolution is really all about. Individuation is human evolution but purely on a personal, individual level. The key to your life is that you have to keep moving and working with consciousness through different levels in your mind to develop your personal perspective on life. You also need to be involved in a community because it is your community who becomes your support when you get abused or treated like shit by authority or others in society. This plain fact is no different to physical exercise. If you consume too much food and don't take exercise you become obese. Likewise if you consume too much culture and don't develop your perception of consciousness or perspective you become ignorant and unaware.

You also need to sift through people, constantly

Much of what life is really all about is how well you can develop empathy and connect to people. You're only going to develop deep life long connections through life with a tiny number of people you meet. Most of the connections you make with other people are going to be transient and have a limited shelf life. You need to accept this. Never be afraid to let go of a connection which isn't working out for you. Empathy is also a very reliable guide. The key to dealing with people is never to force a connection without empathy or past its sell by date, and to always walk away from a connection leaving open the possibility to reconnect in the future. Most people don't do this which is a major reason why societies elect ineffective, incompetent politicians over and over and over again.

What your life really needs to be about

You see when you're so clear what it is you want in life, and you're so determined to get to that place, and you are willing to give up everything and walk away from everyone to get to that place, then you're living a life in alignment with your purpose and walking your unique and individual path through life. This is where you can spend the rest of your life in complete synchronicity with who you really are. This is as opposed to chasing so many different things around you that are all shiny and sparkly and 'ooh I want to be so much like that person' or 'I want what that person has' or 'I want to do this' or 'I want to be known for this' or 'I want to try this for a few years'. But it's not you.

Be mindful of the following issues.

Discipline is so vitally important in life. Discipline is commitment, it's a commitment to learning, it's a commitment to gathering information, to seeking out pleasure, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction both for yourself and others. Discipline is what keeps you focussed, causes you to hold yourself up to a certain standard. Discipline is what we teach and what you can learn at Qultura, that's why there's so many webpages, so much information, so many words. We're not trying to 'teach' you anything, we're not running a school.

So many teachers out there are trying to sell you the hacks, the quick fixes, but what they're not teaching you is the discipline. They're not telling you that you have to put in the effort, work hard and go your own way. This is because they've never been taught discipline themselves but have just been taught the hacks and the quick fixes. Rinse and repeat a few times and you end up with a community or society where knowledge is superficial and useless and nobody really knows or understands how to really do anything.

This is where you can be drawn into a comfort zone which stifles you to the point where it becomes your prison. You stay in your home or your apartment long enough, the same city long enough, and everything gets figured out. You know how to get to work and come back home. You know how to get your money, pay bills, you know where to get your shopping. You're in that space behind a computer screen or the screen of a smartphone, and it holds you.

But see you are not a totality but an individual fragment of something much bigger and far more infinite than you. You are part of a vast sea of consciousness, no more significant than a single wave on the surface of the sea, and there's close to eight billion different interpretations and perspectives of that consciousness all constantly moving around you.

Nobody it seems spends time alone with themselves. Some people think it's when they walk their dog for half an hour. This is not alone time, this is walking your dog. Some think it's when they're working out at the gym. No. This is time spent working out at the gym. Alone time is you either at home, in a chair, on the floor, or out in nature somewhere, on a beach, in a forest, by a river, no music, no smartphone, no distractions, just you and reality one on one. Meditate if you like, reflect if you like, contemplate if you like, or spend this half hour in perception and cleansing your mind. It's alone time, you by yourself, so you get to decide what happens during that time.

This is where you develop a relationship with yourself. You get to know yourself. have a conversation with yourself. People don't do this. If you don't spend any time doing this, how do you know what's important in your life? How do you know where you are really struggling? How do you know where you want to go in life? How can you ever hope to know where you are going in life if you're not even prepared to listen to yourself?

You see you're probably so busy from the time your alarm rings in the morning and you reach over to the bedside table to when you turn off the alarm, pick up your smartphone and scroll through all the notifications and you start stroking your phone. This is how people get pleasure in the morning, stroking their phone.

This is how you end up, every decade or so, having a meltdown or crisis in your life because you've been forced to live a life that you never planned, didn't create for yourself, never figured out your own direction, and got drawn into through the illusion of your own self-importance, often to the degree where you start to hate or despise yourself.

Then later in life you reach your 50's, 60's or older when you become physically less capable of life - because trust me, those health issues will catch up on you sooner than you think they will and your recovery periods will take a lot longer. When that stage comes you will hit the reflection or regret stage in life when you start to think about the life you could have had had you put in the effort, taken the risks and given the chances. Or you might be wondering what went wrong and have not much idea of what really went wrong.

Having met a lot of people who have these thoughts it is almost always because you never took the time to develop that proper relationship with yourself, find yourself as an individual, and figure out your disciplines. You weren't paying enough attention and you ended up living a life which was not aligned to your real purpose for being here, was incompatible with your energy and level of consciousness, and you have somehow scraped your way through "life" as a collection of personas, identities without ever coming close to figuring out who you really are and what you're really about. It's kind of hard not to have regrets if you've spent years putting yourself through such a life experience.