Human rights

sharing our perspective on human rights

Qultura is a human rights organization and proactively supports the inclusion of all human beings in society and community basing our concept of equality on human individuality. To us the fact that you were born makes you equal to everyone else, and where you were born on the planet and in what circumstances has no bearing on this simple fact.

Our definition of human rights

Human rights is based on the ability to live and function in a way which facilitiates personal autonomy without causing harm or oppression to any other human, living being or the environemnt and also not being subjected to harm or oppression from any other individual including damage to the environment through the actions of someone else.

Qultura is committed to the cause of human rights through the creation of opportunities (and the promotion of the creation ofopportunities) for individuals to reclaim their individual (personal) experience and interact with others at a local community level through cultural development and the design of social structures for the benefit of everyone. We also support and promote personal enlightenment and achieving a better sense of Selfhood through community interaction and the acquisition of personal experience in an enviornment which is supportive, inclusive and kept free from ideology and authoritarian belief systems.

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