The Hypnotist Analogy

The Hypnotist Analogy is a simple analogy to illustrate how our social and mental conditioning exaggerates our psychological drama which skews our perspective of reality and conditions us to accept a culture of exploitation and societal conflict.


Let's say you've been 'put under' in a hypnotic trance. You're mesmerized by the swinging pocket watch. Immediately before you're brought out of the trance the hypnotist tells you something like "When you wake up you will not be able to remember anything from this conversation."

This is what is known as a hypnotic suggestion.

"It's the truth"

The simple phrase 'the truth' serves as a hypnotic suggestion in society. The truth is used to present a belief actually as the truth, to present various cultural myths as money and time are real when they're not and also to get you to believe that certain societal rules are sancrosanct when they're not.

This is something which we all do to each other. Your parents did it to you when you were growing up, so too did your teachers, your friends, partners, employers, advertisers, businesses, the media, politicians, you do it to other people and other people do it to you.

How your perspective gets skewed

You spend your first few years of life with a perfectly healthy balanced perspective but then it all gets twisted and bent out of shape by the education where you are "educated" (read brainwashed) by the education system and conditioned to be able to function in society according to the ideology of individualism. You are taught that certain societal rules are sacrosanct. You must always trust and obey external authority. You must follow tradition. You must follow the rules and work and serve the economy in exchange for your freedom, democracy and equal rights. The social order must be maintained at all costs otherwise chaos.


Meet the founder of Western individualism - Adam Smith

Western individualism, which forms the basis for our social and cultural beliefs, is based almost entirely on a pack of lies. Please read the quote for yourself and see for yourself the value system of Western individualism - valuing property, material wealth and money above human life. The necessity of maintaining a system of social class between the 'superior' property owning class and the 'inferior' working class which sets both classes up against each other between political left and political right. Please bear in mind this was a belief system developed at a time when most people really believed that there was an old man in the sky called God who was in control of everyone and everything. But worst of all is the promotion of the genocide of children to ensure that those at the top of the social hierarchy get to keep their wealth and make even more.

What is good and bad for society

This is a debate which has been going on for centuries and looks likely to continue for centuries. One such example is the debate which started over multiculturalism and white supremacy which started with the arrival of the Empire Windrush ship in the summer of 1948 which heralded the start of our multicultural society and created the modern political ideology of white supremacy.


What is important to remember is that thinking in terms of 'good' and 'bad' is fundamentally divisive and forms the basis of exploitation, based on the basic premise of "I am right and you are wrong." This is the basis of politics, much of what constitutes religion, and the basis of any ideology or belief system. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about an individual family, a community, or society as a whole what is good and what is right is usually determined by who has the authority, and who has the authority is determined by who has control of resources, money and access to space and therefore who can derive an advantage over others, and they get to determine and what is good for everyone who is at a disadvantage.

This is what exaggerates our psychological drama

It is through social conditioning and passive acceptance of the above societal order - which is forced on you through the education system as explained in Is your mind your prison? - which reinforces the societal divisions which get passed from generation to generation, causes the denial of individual human experience and the deprivation and stifling of opportunities, and thus stifles both social progress and human evolution, which in turn renders any attempt at social progress and environmental action ineffective and largely meaningless.

Take for example the societal issue of climate change, which is actually environmental ignorance. Why is it that human beings, who collectively have the most complex neurological capabilities of any species in the animal kingdom and who could far more easily adapt to changes in their environment and natural habitat, seem the least capable of adapting to their natural environment? The answer lies in our confusion over our psychological processes, the psychological drama - which comes from our social conditioning and education systems - and the fact that most people confuse their individual psychological drama with reality.


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