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This is a photo of a two year old child from Latin America who has been forcibly separated from her parents and is currently incarcerated in a camp somewhere in the United States. She is in this situation, a situation which is likely to affect her entire life, because of ideology. She has got nothing and nobody. She is totally dependent on the state for everything. The state can do anything to her, anything at all. They can kill her. They can starve her. They can beat her. They can give her away to someone else and there is nothing she can do about it. The only thing she can do is submit totally to authority. She is the poster child for everything which is wrong about ideology.

Ideology is not a childish game

It is not a warm and fuzzy undertaking. Just take a look at the example given above. Who in their right mind would choose to interfere in the relationship between a mother and her child and forcibly separate them both indefinitely? Who in their right mind would decide to imprison a two year old child? We are talking about a small two year old child who not only has not committed any crime but who is also incapable of committing a crime. Who in their right mind would decide to forcibly incarcerate a two year old child indefinitely?

What is it that makes this acceptable to you?

Is it because this action is being carried out by the United States government? Then you're a statist. Is it because it's your preferred politicians are taking action to solve a problem? Then you're a fascist. Is it because you believe the mother is an illegal immigrant and should have thought about this before heading to the US? Then likewise, you're a fascist. Is it because it's not your party or politicians involved? Then you're an apologist. Is it because your child isn't involved? Then you're an egotist.

See this is the problem when you don't invest in cultural development and instead allow your society to be managed by political parties who function on the basis of ideology promoted by the media. You end up with a society of people who end up soft in the head, who don't feel any kinship to their fellow citizens or sense of responsibility to their local community. They follow messianic leaders like sheeple, the authoritarians take over, money gets involved, and in their desire to make even more bucks the hierarchies eventually start overstepping the mark and it all goes pear-shaped from there.


This is where we state up front that Qultura is first and foremost a community which is based on empathy and deeper social connections and bonds. We are the antithesis of both a social movement and a political party. We are a community which functions in the public interest, we are strictly non profit, and we promote such things which are necessary for the development of human evolution, of community, of social cohesion, of discipline, of empathy, of individual human creativity, social interaction, and the creation and development of opportunity.

Empathy and the process of individuation

While we accept that there is some initial, early value to ideology, be it a religious ideology or a political ideology when you're still young and exploring your individual reality, finding yourself and developing your relationship to other people, your local community, and society in general we are very strict about keeping our community completely free from all forms of ideology, personal capitalism and organized and collective belief systems. But there comes a point where you have to figure out what your life is really all about and you have to face up to the question of how you want or need to live your life and what you want or need your life to be about.

This requires you to start figuring out your own answers to the questions in your life and finding both yourself and your own unique and individual path through life. This is your life, not anybody else's life, and ultimately only you can find out the answers to your life and start develop a sense of your value and finding answers to the two most important questions in your life:

  • What do you know?
  • What can you do?

These are the answers everybody else you come across in life are going to want from you. Who are you? What have you done in life? What is it about you that is different from everyone else?

Understand Qultura's role in society

Throughout our history Qultura has sought out the same role and function in the local community, and that is to promote the process of individuation for anyone in the local community who wants to explore and develop that important process in their lives. We are fundamentally a human rights type organization but we function as a community and our focus is on the human rights of the individual in the face of the organization and other collectivities such as government departments, local authorities and registered charities. We promote the most fundamental of human rights and that is the right to determine how you as an individual participate in the local community and society and how you get to interact with other people.

The Sandpit Environment

The Qultura community is an environment where you can be you, you can explore, experiment, learn and discover any aspect of your life within the context of a local community knowing that you will be accepted by other members of our community for the individual human being who you are in reality. This is what Qultura is all about - we are all about change on a personal level, a social level, a cultural level - which you can develop through the development of both discipline and empathy. If you have screwed up in life, or failed, or your life has fallen apart, you can become part of the Qultura community and connect to others and start the process of recovery. You can also use our community to try out different things, and figure out in your own way the answers you need to find in your life knowing that we will have your back.

We're here to tell you that both culture and ideology work against you and at some point you have to shift your focus of attention onto seeking out and finding truth, answers, and figuring out what works for you personally and what doesn't.

This is the sort of community we are working to build. The remaining pages in this section share with you freely the fundamental basis or theory which forms the basis of our community.