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This is a photo of a two year old child from Latin America who has been forcibly separated from her parents and is currently incarcerated in a camp somewhere in the United States. She is in this situation, a situation which is likely to affect her entire life, because of ideology. She has got nothing and nobody. She is totally dependent on the state for everything. The state can do anything to her, anything at all. They can kill her. They can starve her. They can beat her. They can give her away to someone else and there is nothing she can do about it. The only thing she can do is submit totally to authority. She is the poster child for everything which is wrong about ideology.

Ideology is not a childish game

It is not a warm and fuzzy undertaking. Just take a look at the example given above. Who in their right mind would choose to interfere in the relationship between a mother and her child and forcibly separate them both indefinitely? Who in their right mind would decide to imprison a two year old child? We are talking about a small two year old child who not only has not committed any crime but who is also incapable of committing a crime. Who in their right mind would decide to forcibly incarcerate a two year old child indefinitely?

What is it that makes this acceptable to you?

Is it because this action is being carried out by the United States government? Then you're a statist. Is it because it's your preferred politicians are taking action to solve a problem? Then you're a fascist. Is it because you believe the mother is an illegal immigrant and should have thought about this before heading to the US? Then likewise, you're a fascist. Is it because it's not your party or politicians involved? Then you're an apologist. Is it because your child isn't involved? Then you're an egotist.

See this is the problem when you don't invest in cultural development and instead allow your society to be managed by political parties who function on the basis of ideology promoted by the media. You end up with a society of people who end up soft in the head, who don't feel any kinship to their fellow citizens or sense of responsibility to their local community. They follow messianic leaders like sheeple, the authoritarians take over, money gets involved, and in their desire to make even more bucks the hierarchies eventually start overstepping the mark and it all goes pear-shaped from there.

The shining example of the ideological endgame

This is not the only shining example in the world today, because China is another, but the United States is a shining example of the ideological endgame. promoting itself collectively as a beacon of human values to be admired, the United States has been at war continuously for the past 80 years and has quite comfortably massacring and killing people throughout it's history spanning two and a half centuries. While this is nowhere as long as China or Britain, the United States is a better example because following an ideology based on an absolute authority is as American as peanut butter and apple pie.

This is why despite being a republic, the US is unable to function as a republic but instead functions as a monarchy. Not that this really matters because in the US democracy is oligarchy, or warfare, freedom is working your butt off for x amount of dollars per hour while having no safety net or access to health insurance, and equality is knowing your place in arguably the most stratified society on the planet. While it has many different labels ideology is based on the dollar, on absolute authority, and on American exceptionalism. As this is an ideology which kills, the end result of this ideology if you're not American, live elsewhere on the planet and have the misfortune to have a darker coloured skin is death.

Ideology rots your mind

If you haven't figured out a way to become mentally ill and are too young to get dementia, then embracing an ideology might be the best way forward. All ideology is viral and can be described as a memetic virus which will ultimately destroy your functionality and your ability to be comfortable with yourself. It's also a very good way of abdicating responsibility for your choices and actions to a higher authority and dis-empowering yourself. Ideology will shift the emphasis of your life from happiness to discontent and also ideology will destroy your ability to perceive reality and create truth because all ideologies are based on false premises and belief systems.

Getting past the "fuck you" mentality

What is better than embracing ideology is to find a way of avoiding cynicism and the 'fuck you' mentality to understand, with perhaps more than a little sadness, that we are not angels enough in our civilization and need to work more at connecting to one another and developing our communities.

It's also important to get beyond the sentimentality we feel towards ideology. It's no good saying "Well maybe being socialists we didn't have the right answers, but we came together and had a sense of a mission and knew who we were...." This is crazy. If it was wrong it was wrong. This is no different from elderly nazis sitting around reminiscing about the great old days of Auschwitz and Treblinka. What was so great about the old days? You want a sense of community? Go join a soup kitchen, a residents association or a book club.

Ideology never works out

Ideology always goes pear-shaped and at some point always goes south. You can only get so far on a premise, and you cannot even get half that distance on a false premise. We all form beliefs. We all build models and follow patterns. But hopefully we are all aware of the tentative nature of what we are trying to achieve. It is incredibly stupid to go about this and discount the tentative nature of what we are trying to achieve.

But this is precisely what ideology does. Power corrupts and once there's a hierarchy and following to back up that hierarchy then the Ego kicks in, the ideology sets hard and from that point forward it becomes all about authority, control and power dynamics. This is where the ideology becomes esoteric, the hierarchy forms into an inner circle and the ideology can only survive by exploiting the gullibility and ignorance of the followers, distorting the truth, misrepresenting the facts, giving only one side and building false premises.

The issue of control

This is where ideology becomes all about power and control. The problem is that this need for control takes you further and further away from your starting premise, it places you further into conflict with others and takes up more and more of your energy as you try to maintain a position of self-defence. Often, as is the case with religious and political ideology, in order to maintain control you have to become progressively more and more authoritarian and this is where you start crossing various boundaries - human rights abuses, totalitarianism, various dis-empowering strategies, and ultimately killing people.

This comes back to the little girl behind the bars in the picture. She's the innocent victim of an ideology which has gone too far. Please remember her face each time you think ideology is the answer. It's not.

A bonfire analogy

Yan Fei, a Qultura researcher who came from China once said "As the bonfire we build gets bigger and burns brighter, the more darkness is dispelled to reveal ignorance." Essentially this means that the greater our understanding increases, the more we become aware of our own ignorance. The reference point always needs to be the felt presence of immediate experience. This should not be "How do I feel?" as a feminist, a socialist or a capitalist. This needs to be "How do I feel?" as an individual human being.

Sidestep the ideology

We all need to understand what is happening. This is especially true now when we have the control grid developing, 5G technology rolling out and the Social Credit system being built. Life and the opportunities for living are going to radically transform over the next couple of years at most.

This is where it's going to get very serious very fast. Ideology is only going to get in your way. It's only going to drag you down, hold you back, and mislead you. This is because nobody understands what is going on right now. Politicians don't understand. The media doesn't understand. We at Qultura don't properly understand what is going on. Nobody understands what is going on right now.

Forget ideology. Ideology betrays you. Ideology dis-empowers and limits you. Ideology leads you astray.

Just deal with things as you see them and trust yourself. Nobody is smarter than you are. So what if they are? What good is their understanding doing you, or for that matter, the little girl who's stuck in the camp somewhere near the southern border of the States?