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The West is by far the most affluent part of the planet among the human species and it has achieved this not through fair trade but through a 'God given mission' based on authoritarianism, global oppression, artificial scarcity, misinformation, war mongering, genocide, slavery, propaganda, rulership through hierarchy and intergenerational cultural decline. Together this forms the concept of individualism which generally forms the basis of Western social and cultural values based on the belief in the Holy Trinity of external authority which is God, monarchy and state to which everyone is expected to be subservient and obedient.

God spoke to me

The problems always start when a political leader claims that 'God spoke' to them. The classic example is immediately after September 11th 2001 and the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. As a result of this God given mission several countries in the Middle East and Africa have been totally destroyed, there's 12 million innocent Muslims dead, millions more displaced and living all over the world as refugees, a considerable number drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, the entire relationship between state and citizen has been reversed, resulting in the loss of civil liberties, increased surveillance and decades of austerity.

All for what? A difference in ideology?

This is not exactly as clear cut as a battle between good and evil though, is it? Define good. Define evil. This is not usually a case of good versus evil or even right versus wrong. I mean, what is moral isn't always legal, what is legal isn't always moral. Usually what good and evil comes down to is a conflict in ideology or when one person's belief comes into conflict with another person's belief. Only in modern warfare is it ever clear cut and it's usually when the aggressor throws away the moral high ground. But this is generally true when it comes to violence.

The sense of missionary importance

Ideology kills. The sense of missionary importance that so many people are walking round with, encouraged and promoted endlessly by people in positions of power, is what directly leads to the abuse, the cruelty, the inhumanity, the brutality and the bigotry. Just take a look at how Western individualism has taken something like the concept of money, like God, another useful tool which can be used as a series of measurement of value to make bartering so much easier, and transformed it through materialism into capitalism and monetarism which has developed into the most virulently anti-humanitarian ideology on the planet. It is the promotion of money as a physical, material thing which makes it finite and which has transformed it into not just a symbol of power but also a widely used tool of oppression and enslavement.

Will we ever get out of this? We might, but only if you can find a way of convincing billions of people who have been socially conditioned, brainwashed, bamboozled, and mis-educated throughout their lives to give up their attachment to their own sense of missionary importance and coopted purpose in life. Perhaps sometime closer to the beginning of the next century unless we can make use of a worldwide event such as a global pandemic and public health crisis as we're going through now to somehow come together to form communities on the basis of a sense of inclusivity and and a widespread desire to develop some existential dimension to our inner core and being. This needs to be enough to develop the hunger and genuine collective need and desire to begin to evolve again as a species - and for nothing other than our own survival and the survival of our species. 2020 has got to be the year when ideology and this own God illusion needs to start its own death process.

But the chances are slim to nothing unless a sufficiently large number of people can find a way of reversing our current decline as a species and half and reverse our current trend towards extinction. I'm sorry if you were hoping for a sense of hope, comfort or solace from my writing. I'm not that cruel. I'm only interested in truth and getting to the truth and evolution. This is my bottom line.

There's far too many ignorant assumptions here

There's way too many assumptions in all this and they are all based entirely on human ignorance. For a start to just assume that one has a God-given mission to begin with is profoundly ignorant. Where is the sense of inclusivity? Where is the existential dimension? Usually there isn't one. All that exists usually is a sense of exaggerated self-importance. Then you have this ridiculous idea that human beings are somehow central to Creation and the evolution of life. Have you ever stopped to consider that your typical elephant if it believed in God would not be thinking in terms of a human being in the sky, but a Great Elephant in the sky?

Then you have this ridiculous notion that the universe is somehow human centric. We've barely evolved much beyond a fascination with our own bodies and body parts. Just assuming that for a moment human beings were capable of destroying the entire planet which they're not (and I hope the COVID-19 pandemic if anything has taught you just how collectively we're weak as a species against something as small as a virus) the loss of one planet in a small solar system wouldn't even register in the galaxy, let alone the universe. We are about as significant to this planet as a single pubic hair is to the functioning of an entire human body.

Politicians are not your friends

While there may be one or two decent politicians out there the vast majority of politicians are only in it for the money and power through giving you the illusion that they have some God given mission to fulfill and they know more about things than you do, which is of course complete and utter codswallop. They're there to keep you believing in their God-given mission and that they are part of the "natural" hierarchy or order and need to be where they are otherwise the whole country would collapse, despite the fact that in reality the whole country is pretty much in the state of near total collapse anyway.

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Total abdication of personal responsibility

Are you not happy with your Government or politicians? Did you not vote in the last election? You did? Okay so why are you complaining? What are you whining about? You're required by law to make honest truthful statements and to make yourself aware of all the necessary information and legal requirements before making a public statement, and on every single form the Government issues these legal requirements are very clearly stated. If you vote in any election it is assumed that your vote is not just your democratic choice but also you're giving your legal consent to be governed by whichever political party forms a government.

This is how democracy is supposed to work. Only you know it doesn't work this way and so too do I. There's a reason why politicians aren't bound by the same legal requirement to be honest and make truthful statements and that's because it's not written into law as Britain doesn't have a written constitution because it's a monarchy. But then again there's no point in having a constitution, for example the United States, if the constitution isn't worth the paper it's written on which is why the United States also functions as a monarchy despite pretending to be a republic. Yet many people go along with all this quite willingly because they've abdicated all social responsibility and personal responsibility for their choices and most show far more allegiance to the politicians and corporations who exploit them mercilessly than to their fellow citizens who do not.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

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