Nothing destroys life and leads to premature death more effectively than human ignorance. Human ignorance is the enemy within which stifles possibility, kills opportunity, strangles humanity and which other people feed off to keep you on your knees and servile. It's negated by consciousness, perspective, empathy and involvement in community.

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The roots of ignorance

We all start out as being completely ignorant through being born but this ignorance is compounded from our earliest childhood experiences through systematic social and mental conditioning when we get taught various cultural myths, outright lies and are bamboozled by information.

Until you learn to stop clinging to your own ignorance and beliefs you will forever be no more than a puppet on a string and denied the primacy of your individual human experience and happiness in life.

Stella Baker
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The God given mission

Many people see the issues in the world today as being between good and evil but it's not. Define evil. Define good. For sure your definition of evil isn't going to be the same as someone else's definition of evil. But I think we can all agree (hopefully) that evil starts when you have someone in a position of power or a hierarchy who claims that "God spoke to me" or that they have a God-given mission. Throughout human history this is where things start turning ugly and is a primary source of cruelty, bigotry, inhumanity and what we regard as evil between people.

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The West is by far the most affluent part of the planet among the human species and it has achieved this not through fair trade but through a 'God given mission' based on authoritarianism, global oppression, artificial scarcity, misinformation, war mongering, genocide, slavery, propaganda, rulership through hierarchy and intergenerational cultural decline. Together this forms the concept of individualism which generally forms the basis of Western social and cultural values based on the belief in the Holy Trinity of external authority which is God, monarchy and state to which everyone is expected to be subservient and obedient.

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Monkey see, monkey do

There's a lot of people out there in society who never really break out of the lockstep mentality that they're forced to conform to at school. They are totally and completely obedient to authority and go through life without ever having an original thought in their head or breaking any rules. Just like dogs and some small children they're house trained, well trained and obedient, and as long as you give them a sense of purpose, a structure and routine, and throw a few treats their way, they won't give you that much trouble. If you think I'm exaggerating here please feel free to click on the audio clip above and listen to it for as long as you like (it lasts roughly an hour).

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Being undead

It's important to understand that your brain is a highly complex, sensitive electromagnetic organ which is only protected by a skull. The problem is that most people treat themselves, their brains and other people like shit or they put themselves into abusive or stressful situations so that, eventually, without warning the brain's natural self-defence system kicks in and one becomes mentally ill. Mental illness is not something you fight or cure, but is the process you need to go through to recover cognitive functioning of your brain. Abuse and stigma of the mentally ill needs to be criminalized because eventually, after so much abuse, you can put someone in a position where they will never fully recover and become undead, neither dead nor capable of fully autonomous living.

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Lack of inclusivity

Inclusivity here means understanding that every single human being on the planet is just as significant and just as necessary to the human species as you are. There's not really any middle ground here. Either you see every single other human being as important or you don't and sadly, the overwhelming majority of human beings on the planet don't see anyone but themselves and a handful of people as being important. This is because their sense of importance is tied to their Ego or social position and not to being a member of the human species.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community created as an alternative way of learning about or studying mysticism. Our philosophical basis is the universal principle of Creative Law and we advocate personal, social and cultural change through the development of empathy, community, human consciousness and individual human experience..

You do not need a leader or guru to study mysticism because the universe is the best example there is of mysticism in action. For more details visit the About Qultura webpage.