Are you trying to connect to others?

It doesn't matter whether you want to make friends or share a creative idea, Qultura can be your platform.


Qultura works to promote human individuality and creativity, and part of our work involves providing a platform for people whob are looking to share their ideas and their creativity.

For far too long we've been living under a system dominated by authority in a hierarchy which has disempowered the individual and led to a loss of opportunities and individual human experience for people. Throught society the emphasis is on work and money to uphold an economic system. It's not on individual human creativity and individual human experience, which is what not just life, but also human evolution, is based on.

We have never worked together to properly design our society and social structures. But this is what Qultura does. We work on the basis of social design. People get to share their ideas and creativity in the local community working to develop culture in that community, this creates opportunities for others to get involved, and some sort of new social structure is created, but with a sense of aesthetics and balance. Those who get involved benefit because they make the connections and get the experience, and the local community benefits from having a better social structure which is much more people friendly.

We are looking for people to get involved and - as long as the ideas are not promoting authority, a political or religious belief, leading to further authority or hierarchy - share their ideas or get involved. Unlike other organizations, which are focussed on getting money asnd fundraising, Qultura is focussed on people and as such, always needs people - different people, creative people, people seeking connections, people seeking experince, and of course people seeking change.

Please feel free to explore and browse our website, ask questions, interact and if you're interested get involved.

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