Not sure what direction to take in life?

Maybe this is an opportunity to explore, experiment and discover something new


Not having any direction or purpose in life isn't necessarily a bad thing. You could be doing something which turns out to be a complete waste of time or living on the basis of your personal beliefs. As a result you could be cycling between working and spending money and not really doing anything towards your own path through life, or you could be spending your time arguing with other people over some abstract belief system.

Why not be creative and go on a new journey of exploration, experimentation and disocvery? This is what creativity is all about. It's all about exploring, experimenting, trying different things out to see what works and what doesn;'t, making mistakes, meeting people, having fun, being silly, and when you've run out of reasons to fail, mess things up and make mistakes, be successful.

Qultura is an organization which promotes personal enlightenment in an environment kept free from ideology and belief systems. We are not you, we don't live your life or share your reality. You are a unique individual human being, your life is a journey and an opportunity to make conenctions to others and acquire new experiences so you can find out more about yourself and get a better sense of self.

Have you thought about getting involved in social design? Social design is how we work as a human rights organization. It's based on people coming together to create better social structures in their local community. We've never worked together as a society to property design our society, but have always lived under authority and a hierarchy which disempowers the individual and leads to a deprivation of opportunity and experience. We're working to build a community of people to take back their individual human experience through participation in their local community and cultural developments. The benefits are mutual. Individual people get the experience and make the connections to others, and communtiies benefit from having better social structures. As a human rights organization Qultura works to empower the individual.

Please feel free to explore and browse our website, and if you see something you're interested in, get involved.

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