Feeling alone and isolated?

This can come from believing that you are separate from the world around you.


Feeling that you're alone and isolated is based on the belief that you are separate from everything else around you. This is not true. You are connected to everything and everyone around you.

Can you breathe without air? How long do you think you can survive without water? What if there was no sunlight or light at all? How would you see?

Likewise are you really alone and isolated from others? What about your mind? What do you think about?

The idea that you're entirely separate and isolated as an individual encased in skin is not true. There are aspects of your being which extend far beyond your physical body. Take your mind for example, which exists outside you. You see people when you walk down the street don't you? You can think of something which is distant from you. Consciousness is everywhere and exists throughout the universe in energy and space. Your mind is something whcih exists outside you. It exists all around you. Your mind is everything you think about, and includes everyone you think about. Consciousness is only limited by your perception of it, which you can develop through personal experience.

Just as you are part of the environment and the universe, the universe and environment are as much a part of you as your hands, your head and your face. Everything is out there waiting for you to experience it. Qultura works to help people like you experience life more on your terms. Please feel free to explore and browse our website to find out more.

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