Constantly struggling or worried about money?

Too much concern over money can be a sign of disempowerment


Money isn't real but a a unit of measurement to denote value. This is to make a system of barter possible on the basis of a social consensus, so people can exchange different resources between each other. Money denotes an arbitrary value for such things as goods, products, services, labour, time, energy and access to property.

However people are led to believe that money is real as a control mechanism in a system dominated by authority and hierarchy. The purpose is to make you believe that money is real so as to disempower you and deprive you of opportunities and life experience. In most systems based on authority and hierarchy the emphasis is on work and money so they can keep control of you.

This is something Qultura is working to change. We work on the basis of social design, which means redesigning or creating a new social structure in your local community for the benefit of yourself and other people. People have never worked together to properly design their social environment before, and we do this because it creates opportunities for people like you, enables you to acquire personal experience and shift the emphasis on connecting to others and experiencing life. We work at a local commmunity level developing culture, working to empower people and through people working together create local communities which are better connected and better to live in.

Life is, after all, all about the connections you make to other people, the experiences and your journey through life. Qultura is a human rights organization working to empower people like you, so they can experience life to the fullest and be themselevs. Please feel free to explore and browse through our website.

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