Western individualism

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We totally reject existing Western cultural and social values which are based on individualism and hyper-individualism which was pioneered by people such as the late 18th century Scottish moral philosopher and economist Adam Smith.

Having read his seminal work 'The Wealth of Nations' we find it mainly to be the incoherent ramblings of a somewhat deluded, psychotic village idiot not unlike some of the incoherent ramblings and delusions expressed today, in the 21st century, by certain political figures.

We take issue with the sheer lack of any sort of coherent logic in his thinking, the wild blanket assumptions, the eugenicist beliefs, the structural classism, belief in widespread cultural myths and his profound ignorance of how this planet and society really works.

We find it disturbing that anyone would regard the beliefs of a man who regards the genocide of poor children as not only acceptable, but necessary, as a serious work of economic theory. Such people are suspect, dangerous and need close monitoring and constant supervision.

The false illusion of separateness

Most of all we take issue with the belief in the false illusion of separateness that individualism teaches - separation of self and other, separation of individual from environment, and most of all separation of choice from consequence which results in the profound environmental ignorance we see throughout the planet today.

Separateness from individual and environment?

Really? Are you able to breathe anything but air? How long do you expect to be able to survive without access to clean water? How long do you expect to be able to live without eating? How do you expect to be able to use your legs without having earth to walk on? Is there another planet in the solar system where human beings can exist and live?

We are not separate from this environment, but we are part of this environment. Planet Earth is different from the other planets in the solar system mainly because two thirds of its surface is covered by water and it has a rich, diverse ecosystem through producing various life forms on its surface, below the surface and above it. What is more when these various life forms die out, due to a mass extinction - think dinosaur - this planet creates a new ecosystem. Human beings are just a small part of this ecosystem and we are as subject to the principles of Natural Law as any other species on this planet.

Separateness of self from other

Once again, really? Where did you get your body and physical appearance from if not the rest of the human species and your parents? What do you think about in your mind if not about your environment and other people? Do you use a language that nobody else speaks? When you walk down the street do you see things that other people cannot see, or hear sounds that other people cannot hear?

Furthermore we reject the notion of superiority or inferiority based on the criteria of ownership of money or property or lack of both. Most people today are living in conditions of artificial scarcity where access to natural and physical resources, opportunities and even social support are severely restricted while other people are so wealthy and own so much they believe that this planet belongs to them and is their personal possession.