Anything that lives functions within its own individual frequency range of energy


Individuality is a fundamental concept of living existence and evolution. Each specimen of every plant and every animal is unique and individual and part of the entire species. No two living beings are ever exactly the same, and the difference through reproduction is a fundamental part of universal law and the common principles of the universe. This means that every ecosystem, every plant, every tree, every animal, and every person is an essential part of the collective whole which makes up Nature.

Human individuality

Human beings are no different from other species in that we are social animals. We have very little free will, given the fact that consciousness is only perceived by 4% or less of the human brain, the surface, and the remaining 90% of the brain is unconscious and devoted to autonomic life processes, such as breathing, movement, digestion, circulation and other autonomic life processes. This website doesn't give you anywhere near a complete anatomical analysis of the brain and how it functions (we recommend medical practiitioners and scientists) but we have done extensive research and development as to how energy interacts with the conscious surface of the brain and how that influences both autonomic, unconscious thinking and consciousness in atmospheric energy.

The Life Path - left hemisphere autonomic and conscious thinking

The Life Path forms the basis of the relationship between autonomic and conscious thinking around the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain. This determines the basis for identity and also determines how the individual functions and expresses themselves through life relative to their own individual frequency range of energy. The basis of the Life Path is formed at the end of conception and development of the brain around the ages of six and seven but requires further life experience and cultural awareness to fully develop through a trajectory of emotional and cognitive development which becomes complete when someone reaches their mid-20's.

The central component of someone's life experience and perspective

The Life Path is the central component of someone's life experience and perspective simply because it is relative to everything else - autonomic life processes, memory, conscious thinking, mirroring (interaction between perception and consciousness), development of the trajectory of emotional and cognitive development which determines such things as cultural awareness, character, patterns of thinking, interaction, communication and behaviour, personal ability and aptitudes, and through this personal value and the development of morality, integrity and ability to perceive consciousness in energy.

The Life Path is a fundamental element of mirroring and life

Conscious thinking is essentially our ability to compromise between autonomic life processes, external forces in energy, social conditioning, cultural development (or cultural decline) as well as our own ability to control our brains, perception and the way we think.


This compromise is what we generally regard as life, which is devoted to the development and acquisition of consciousness. We don't actually acquire consciousness itself, because consciousness exists in energy. But what we acquire is the ability to perceive consciousness in energy through information (which is actually consciousness in different forms) for the purposes of survival, personal development and the ability to sustain life. This has much to do with what evolution is really all about.

Influences on the Life Path

There are many different influences on the Life Path and our emotional and cognitive development. These include:

Physiological: physical factors, genetic predispositions, health, biological, and so on.

Autonomic life processes: This is tied to the state of our health but relates to the way our body is functioning, whether we are within our individual range of energy frequency and the homeostasis of our body.

Environmental: Things in our environment which affect our physical being and autonomic life processes, such as our contact with other physical surfaces, temperature, ambience, and consciousness in the energy which surrounds us so such things as tension, stress, discord, ease, comfort.

External forces: These are forces which can be physical or metaphysical in nature, such things as gravity, weather conditions, climate, magnetic, electromagnetic, and extrasensory or psychic.

Sociological: The relationships we have to others, parental influences, family relationships, friendships, intimate relationships, and other people and living beings we come into contact with and our relationship with them.

Cultural: The current state of the sociological relationships we find ourselves in and the effects of those relationships.

Individual needs: Our individual needs, whether we can get them fulfilled, how we get them fulfilled, and how we respond when our needs go unfulfilled.

Perceptive: That what we perceive through sensory and extrasensory perception and how we process it through our conscious thinking.

Memory: What we are able to recall or experience from recall (conscious) memory and implicit (unconscious) memory.

Belief states: Our personal beliefs and how much we rely on them to create our own reality rather than perceiving actual reality through mirroring also directly influences our Life Path and its development. Cognitive essentially means that what we are able to create.


Mirroring is our ability to evolve through individual creativity and interaction with everything else which isn't us - the individual. This is essential for not just the development of our Life Path and emotional and cognitive development, but also our ability to live, acquire energy through inspiration and participate in the development of culture, society and human evolution, and therefore, ultimately, in the development of consciousness.

Morality and integrity

Austrian philosopher and social theorist Rudolf Steiner once said:

"To understand the world and others you need to look within yourself. To understand yourself take an interest in the world and what's going on around you."

This is the fundamental principle of mirroring and interaction. We have a largely transactional relationship with everyone and everything around us. the need to feel included and involved is the single most important human emotional need and from this comes our need for attention, recognition, validation, inspiration, respect, acknowledgement and the relationships which make our life experience so meaningful and fulfilling.

In order to obtain all these things, and to exploit possibilities through opportunities in life to obtain these things, we require both morality and integrity.These things are vital for development of our Life Path and emotional and cognitive development.

Morality is our ability to interact with others and everything else in a way which is optimal for our Life Path and emotional and cognitive development. Morality is determined by the absolute and immutable principles of universal law. Integrity is the ability to perceive and recognize truth and actual reality which is fundamental to our ability to create and be creative. The payoff for both is inspiration, increased awareness, understanding, personal growth, insight and an increased ability to perceive consciousness. From this comes our personal power and ability to manipulate and transform energy.

The Life Path, personal experience and perspective.

You are your own highest authority in life, and this is determined by your Life Path. You do not need any external authority in life, because the Life Path and how you develop emotionally and cognitively determines your personal power and ability to think, interact, and behave in a way which is harmonious with your inner self, environment and social conditions and this is what gives you your autonomy and freedom.

Personal autonomy is synonymous with freedom and this is the state of being where the autonomic life processes which are individual to you is compatible with everything which isn't you, your environment and others, you are aware, you understand what's going on around you, you are fully participant in the world around you (and therefore included) and when you reach this satte you are generally living in optimum health, well being and are living a life which is meaningful, productive and fulfilling by your definition.

This state is usually undermined, threatened or disrupted by conflict either by other people who do not know how to mirror or who don't have integrity or moral principles just as it can be disrupted through attachment to personal beliefs where it is you who is creating the conflict. You have to work it out one way or another and that comes through following your Life Path and developing your personal pathway of emotional and cognitive development.

This is done through the acquisition of personal experience and development of your own unique and individual perspective on life, which comes from your own personal creativity and interaction. This can be done through introspection or through other people.