Mysticism and magic

This is the final insight and completes a cycle which started with the first insight titled 'Self and other'. This is a deeper look into mysticism and magic where we will get to the root of what reincarnation, karma and akashic power really are.

Let's start with reincarnation.


The clue is in the word - reincarnation, or RE-incarnation. What this essentially means is consciousness going back into physical form.

So let's examine a few examples.


Now this is something you can try out for yourself. (Please don't take my words for anything, or simply believe what I'm writing here, this is just insight, and try stuff out for yourself). Try and stop breathing for as long as you can and see what happens. Try and breathe in for as long as you can and see what happens. What you should find is that no matter how much air you try to breathe in you are prevented by either your body or the environment. Similarly if you try to hold your breath, one of the two environments - your body or the wider environment - will force you to resume breathing.

No matter what you try, you will never escape either the mystical transaction (which for me is evidence that there is no such thing as separateness anywhere in existence) and also, more importantly, you will be brought back to life. This is also important.


So we move on to the next example. Exact same principle, connection, unity, and the mystical transaction. Different example. I'm assuming that you go to sleep at some point in a 24 hour period and you spend a considerable amount of your life sleeping. Maybe not as much as a cat, but still.

This is where we get into the difference between consciousness and energy. Energy is tangible, constant, fixed, and manifests always as a cycle or wave. Energy is form and dimension. Energy is physicality. Energy is always finite. The more you use, or burn, the less you have available. This is why we sleep. You get tired. You run out of energy. Then we come to consciousness. Consciousness is spontaneous, random, impossible to define, impossible to explain, but once you have it you always have it. Consciousness always interacts with space and therefore it's one and the same thing.

But see unlike energy consciousness is infinite. You can never run out of consciousness. The more you try to make use of consciousness, the more you have available to use. Also, just as important, the more you make use of consciousness - developing creativity and empathy (creativity and interaction) - the more connected you are to your environment and everything else in your environment. Consider that I never wear a watch. I've reached a point where I can rely on my internal body clock. I look out of the window and can sense what time it is, and I'm usually never more than half an hour out from what is shown on a clock.

This gives us the next piece in the puzzle of reincarnation. In order to maintain your natural energy and continue living, you need to sleep regularly. But see once you're asleep all you can do is either dream or wake up. During sleep you have no awareness of your environment or what's going on around you. You enter into a state of unconsciousness. A dream is another state of consciousness. A dream is a minor mystical experience. Things come to you in your dreams and the challenge is to connect your state of consciousness in a dream to your waking state of consciousness.

If you're asleep all you can do is wake up. When you wake up you have new energy, a new state of consciousness, and of course, a new day and new life.


So we move on to the next example. Exact same principle - connection, unity, and the mystical transaction. So let's see if we can connect through the same or similar common domain of experience. How far back can you remember in your life? What is the first thing you can remember about your life?

One of my first memories of life was being taken on the 'wee train', i.e. being taken on the Glasgow Underground. I have vague memories of the Drumchapel Estate in Glasgow. The Bluebell Woods. I also have vague memories of hearing Manfred Mann's version of the Bob Dylan song 'The Mighty Quinn' on the radio in my grandparents tenement flat on the Drumchapel Estate, and also 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles, so this could not have been any earlier than the summer of 1968. I must have been at least two years old. I cannot remember any further back than that.

But see I cannot see inside my head. When I try to look I don't see black, I see nothingness, emptiness, space, a colour spectrum of light against a nondescript background. Just like this emptiness my memories of life fade into nothingness. How about you? How far back can you remember?

But see the only way you know you're alive is because you have previously been dead. This is no different from understanding that you are awake because you understand you've previously been asleep. You're sure you're awake right? You understand that there's a difference between being asleep and being awake? The exact same thing applies when it comes to life and death.

Just as when you're asleep the only thing you can do is wake up and return to life, when you die the only thing that can possibly happen is that you come back to life, and are reborn so life starts all over again. But reincarnation is not just about life and death. It's also about karma.


Karma is quite simply 'action' or physical activity. Physical activity here means any physical activity or process of creativity and interaction - thinking, speaking, physical activities. If it involves some form of change involving energy and relationship then it's karma.

This means that reincarnation is a great deal more than just life after death. Thinking about reincarnation only in terms as life after death or being reborn is a bit like thinking about life only in terms of breathing. Surely you understand that living is a great deal more than just breathing. Likewise reincarnation is also a great deal more than just life after death.

In fact reincarnation has got a lot more to do with living and mindfulness than it does with what happens after death. Consider that reincarnation - consciousness going back into physical form again and again and again and again, is the fundamental basis for living. What you need to think about here is that all life originates out of consciousness and physical memory. Memory is not just a neural pathway which exists in your brain. Memory also exists in all biological cells, the nucleus of the cell.

Karma and memory

To understand the relationship between karma and memory we need to understand the mystical principle of evolution and natural growth (referring back to the first mystical insight, 'Self and other', and the mystical principle symbolized by The Empress Tarot card). You are only as consciously aware as you know how to think, to put into words, or to act. This means that you are only as consciously aware as you know how to transform consciousness into energy and physical action. You cannot be any more consciously aware or enlightened than you are in the present moment.

But see living is a great deal more than thinking, acting and communicating - think about all the other subconscious activities which you do all the time which take place beyond the narrow parameters of your focus of conscious attention - activities such as breathing, your heart beating, your sensory nervous system, the functioning of your body,


Akashic power

Akashic power is essentially the creative power of the universe and is based on what is believed to be pure spirit. This is what lies beneath consciousness, energy and space and permeates the entire cosmos.

This gives rise to the illusion of power, which many people confuse with force and which many people believe exists within the individual. It doesn't. Power can only exist in relationship, it always requires a connection, and is therefore always shared. The simple example of an electric kettle illustrates the mystical principle of power.

The key to understanding how to access Akashic power is also astonishingly simple. You simply understand that you, me and everyone else are vessels for Akashic power - through our bodies, our minds and our hearts. All you need to od is set yourself up to be a vessel for Akashic power, and this involves:

  • having complete trust and faith in your environment and others in your environment
  • avoiding emotional and psychological attachments to concepts wherever possible
  • being in a natural state of mindfulness wherever possible

Accessing such power is a simple case of staring into space, such as the sky, and making a commitment to do all of the above. Allow a day or so for the spell to take effect and you should notice a kind of smoothening out of your life experience.