Objective neutrality

Qultura is an apolitical organization which does not support, endorse or favour any specific belief system whether it be religious, political or based on a lifestyle. We are not a protest organization, a social movement, nor do we demand that other people make changes. We are fully committed to social responsibility, respect for human rights and advocate direct, positive action and the reciprocity of mutual support.

Human rights

We define a human right as the ability to live and function in a community or society without causing harm to any other living being, respecting the rights of others to exist and without exploiting or causing detriment to the environment, community, social cohesion or other living being.

About Qultura

Become a Trustee

We are currently expanding our Governing Body of Trustees. You will need to be able to attend quarterly meetings in London and work together with other trustees to provide governance through consensus and settlement decision making.

We welcome applications from people with disabilities, who have experienced social exclusion, as well as people with professional skills and management and experience in local government.

Please note that you need to be aged 21 or over, have not had any successful legal action taken against you for theft, fraud, bankruptcy, insolvency, harrassment, assault or theft nor can you be a religious leader or politician who is serving in office.

Interacting with Qultura

There are various ways of interacting with Qultura


Anyone can find their own way to overcome social exclusion and social stigma if given enough support, acceptance and opportunity. This however requires social responsibility and a sustained effort by people to share ideas, make connections, developing both culture and community support in their local communities.

The importance of cultural development.

Sustained cultural development and the creation of opportunities is key to the proper functioning of a community and society in general. This is not a political belief, nor is it wishful thinking, it is a cold, hard truth and scientific reality.

The fundamental basis of existence in the universe is creativity and interaction. The universe exists in space, space is filled with energy, and energy functions according to fixed, absolute principles known as universal law which apply to everything in existence whether it be the functioning of the solar system, this planet, Nature or a society. Mankind is not an exception.

Likewise human beings are social animals, no different from insects, birds, cats and dogs. Human evolution is heavily dependent on social interaction and no differently from other species our evolution is dependent on the participation of each individual. Having larger forebrains humans are both socially variant and highly creative and this is why cultural development is critical to social progress and human evolution, otherwise culture goes into decline and results in social conflict.

As a resource and support system.

Qultura is developed as a small charitable organization which functions as a resource and community support system for different people and organizations with the inclusion of people who are affected by or vulnerable to social exclusion and social stigma.

While we have the theory, knowledge, methodology and ability to support people affected by social exclusion and social stigma we do not have the resources or infrastructure to be able to provide such support independently. These issues are social processes which require sustained support and which can become resource hungry, and there is no viable business model for a charity or other organization which could effectively achieve such a mission and objectives within the parameters of current legislation. Therefore we have to work towards acting as a resource and support system, promoting cultural development and the creation of opportunity, working to bring people together in local communities and maintain a steady focus on supporting individual people who affected effectively and humanely.

Understanding how our infrastructure works

We are structured to facilitate or make possible the creation of fairly autonomous, independent participant centred projects within the Qultura system. We achieve this through Reconnection.

Qultura maintains a focus on cultural development in local communities while Qultura Connect is more focussed on community support networks. Both work to bring people together to share ideas, experiences, make connections, try out different things, and through Reconnection work together to create new opportunities.

We have strict policies in place with regard to the acquisition, use and management of resources and make a distinction between Reconnection and Reconnection Reverse because it's not possible to define a beneficiary affected by social exclusion. Social exclusion is a perceived experience so anyone placing themselves into a Reconnection Reverse category and meeting the criteria is deemed to be a beneficiary while they remain in that category and meet the criteria we set out.

The sandpit environment

People can only make their way out of social exclusion if they have sufficient support  and opportunities to do so. This requires opportunities not just in cultural development but also the provision of opportunities for social mobility. Currently there are no such opportunities for people who lack resources to be able to access culture or become socially mobile because there is a lack of community space, no free access to community spaces, and all resources are tightly controlled through a system of grants, funding and subsidies which excludes most people in a local community.

This creates a vicious circle where people want to participate more in their local community but lack the resources, skills, space and opportunities to be able to do so. Social exclusion affects between 20% and 45% of people across the general population but is far higher in specific social groups. An estimated 80% of people with disabilities are socially excluded, around 70% of ex-offenders are socially excluded, as are 60% of the transgendered community.

Yet cultural development and community support networks is by far the most efficient and most effective means of creating pathways out of social exclusion and this is often achieved using the least amount of resources. Likewise in the use of space an effectively managed community space is third behind a hospital and supermarket when it comes to number of people serviced per hour and square metre and is more efficient than most other retail and commercial spaces.

There is currently hardly any opportunity for a sandpit environment which allows for people to explore and develop their ideas and socially interact with other people in the community. Such an environment is critical not just for social cohesion but also for the creation of opportunities and the reduction and management of many social issues.

Qultura is committed to working to create new sandpit environments in local communities as it is key to providing an effective and sustainable solution to social exclusion and social stigma.

What you can do

We present here some suggestions for what you can do and how you can interact with Qultura. We are always open to new ideas from just about anyone.

Host a project

We work to develop fully participant centred projects in partnership with other organizations and charities with different objectives, maintaining our focus on promoting creativity, social interaction and inclusivity.

Share space

Space is of critical importance to our work and for much of our development we enjoyed support of the local business community. Most projects are short term, temporary some even lasting a few meetings. You can pledge space as a means of support.

Join our network

When it comes to providing support we focus on supporting people overcoming various barriers, practical, financial, social, emotional and psychological and are working to develop a network of various organizations who are often better placed and more competent to deal with the many different issues connected to social exclusion. Please contact us directly.

Share an idea

Your idea can be anything as long as it benefits someone else in your local community. It could be artistic, something you'd like to see in your community, sharing an interest, an experience, or something else. Get in touch and tell us about it and we'll see what we can do to support it.

Get support

If you are struggling and isolated and feel excluded, stigmatized and that you have no place in society we will do what we can to support you and help make things easier for you. Simply go to Reconnection Reverse under the Get Involved section and fill out the form telling u about your situation and circumstances.

Support others

We are looking to hear from people who are friendly, non-judgmental and supportive and want to do something for others in their community. Can you make connections to people, listen to them, help them overcome different barriers and help restore their self-esteem and self-confidence? Get in touch through Reconnection.

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