Our internal culture

benefit to Self comes from benefit to other

Qultura's internal culture and modus operandi is based entirely on the premise that benefit to self comes from benefit to others. This is in line with our mission and objectives and which, over the course of the years we have been functioning as an organization and throughout each individual incarnation, has served us well. Many people have derived benefit from our support and empowerment, and we have also grown and developed as a result.

Our belief in humanity

There will be no greater tragedy than Mankind collectively choosing to destroy the planet and all life with it or become enslaved as mindless zombies under a global regime promoting everything lifeless, mindless and soulless because we did not go down without a struggle.

We are good enough evidence that something extraordinary is taking place on this planet. We have the technology, the space, the resources, the intelligence, the compassion, the insight, and the creativity. We are not a lost cause...yet.

it's amazing what individual people can be capable of if they are given enough support and opportunities and are empowered to believe in themselves and trust themselves. Bur this is the fundamental point - human creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum, it's not an instantaneous event, it requires opportunitiees, space, support, feedback and encouragement.

The importance of trust and good relations

While set up to resemble an organization Qultura doesn't behave or function like a typical organization, which is based on organization, hierarchy, policies, rules, a hierarchy and a power dynamic. All this is counterproductive to our mission and objectives which are based on promoting individuals and their creativity.

This has caused a certain amount of confusion among various people over the years. This has also caused us various challenges, because how do you develop an organization without being an organization?

What we have done is stolen the principles of biology to create our own unique business model which is far more organic than most other organizations. Biological cells function on the basis of having a nucleus, and also function on the basis of trust, harmony, reciprocity, individuality and diversity through reproduction and mutation. Additionally biological cells do not consume more than they need.

In a very similar way we function on the basis of a core structure (Qultura Core), trust, community, harmony, reciprocity, individuality and a diversification through the creation of individual projects. Unlike most other organization there is no hierarchy, or rigid rules or policies, procedures, or power dynamics. Everyone is part of a community and is valued as an individual. What each individual brings to Qultura and through Qultura to others has its own value and that value is recognized and appreciated. Likewise we avoid consumption and are not great fundraisers. We have basic needs which need to be met but our focus and emphasis is on sharing resources with others and encuring that those who need support get it by whatever means.

We will not tell you what to do, how to behave or what to think. We simply trust you and take you at face value. It's therefore down to you to follow through and show us what you are capable of.

Our chaotic nature

Our concept of organization is actually organized chaos because chaos is the starting point for creativity and is much more icnlusive of the individual. We don't rent office space or have headquarters, everybody works from home, we make use of online groups and social media, email, and messenger/project apps and programs such as Whatsapp, Skype and Slack to communicate and interact with one another, meeting up in community space.

Avoidance of excessive consumption

We avoid using whereveer possible financial resources and excessive consumption, particularly when it comes to contributing to commercial, profit driven organizations and as much try to rely on goodwill, barter and mutual exchanges. We avoid excessive fundraising as this is also draining to our resources, time and energy and have a pledge and support system to share resources as well as a facility to make donations for things which are essential and necessary.

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