Branding and foreign languages

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Qultura is set up to be a global alternative community based on empathy but it is extremely important that Qultura does not develop into any of the following:

  • a social movement
  • an international organization
  • an ideology, belief system or philosophy

The importance of diversification

The whole reason for developing the Qultura Core project and stable projects is to give you and everyone else a pattern, or model, or reference point from which to start your own projects. Qultura is set up to promote empathy and social and cultural change only at a specific local community level. This means that we at Qultura Core do not have any agenda because we have already figured out the basis. This therefore means that, from this point forward, every project developed by you and anyone else needs to be unique, original and different from that what has been developed by other people involved in the Qultura community.

This means that we are the antithesis of every social movement, every political party, every multinational and trasnational corporation, every single organization, institution, or collective body. Every single one of these organizations and collectivities functions on the basis of conformity, uniformity and an ideology. Qultura is set up to develop and function on the basis of non-conformity, diversity and empathy. This is because we are set up to promote human individuality, human creativity, individual human experience, development of culture at local community level, and nothing more than this.

The importance of being relevant

Being relevant means being aware, it means being conscious, and it also means being open minded enough to be open to change, learning and progress. You are not the same person as you were last year, and you're not the person who you are going to be in six months' time. The same is true of your environment, your community, your culture and your society. This is not the first time we have faced climate change and it's probably not going to be the last. Out of our 320,000 years of modern evolutionary history we have been fighting each others and wars only for the past 14,500 or so years. The predatory, parasitic nature of Western individualism has only been part of our culture for the past few centuries. Social and cultural change is not enough if we are to truly evolve beyond what is now, we also need to learn and change within ourselves so as to not repeat the same mistakes.

It has taken us so far a decade to learn enough about culture and human social relationships so as to create a community which can create and provide opportunities for such learning and evolution. Creative Law never was intended to be the same as Taoism, developed thousands of years ago in China by Lao Tzu, but it is its reaffirmation. This means that Qultura too must evolve and change as a community, and unlike so many things in our communities and society Qultura is faithful only to change and human evolution. We are working to set up a permanent alternative community which, like Taoism, can be beneficial to Mankind for as long as we exist as a species.

This is why diversification is extremely important.

Use only what is relevant

What you can use, and what you can't

As a rough guide, the Qultura Core project and community is the source, the origin, but nothing more than this. This means that you can use the Qultura logo, Creative Law, the Triangular Relationship, Social Theory, and the Qultura Consensus but only for non-commercial, non-profit, personal and local community purposes. If you create or develop something better, then please be considerate enough - as you're not paying anything for this - to credit Qultura or Qultura Core as your source or inspiration. We work on the basis of attribution. Please bear in mind that one of our founder members died virtually penniless and the other has starved and risked destitution to get Qultura up and running.

Ideally everything else should be coming from you, your community, your people, and be relevant to the environment and community in which you find yourself. Create your own websites, find your own spaces, create your own content on the websites, translate our content into your own language, even in the United Kingdom. We would be stoked if at some point there was a Qultura local community project in Wales boasting a website in the Welsh language.