• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Introducing Qultura


What is Qultura?

Qultura is a not for profit hybrid organization which functions as a community cultural organization to achieve mainly charitable objectives. The name Qultura (pronounced "cool-tourer") relates to the fact that we seek to achieve our mission and objectives through cultural change and social interaction rather than through fundraising and working in the same manner as most other charities.

About our name and our logo

Our name relates to our method of achieving our msision and objectives through cultural change and social interaction. The symbol in our logo is the atsrological symbol for the planet Uranus, which in astrology is associated with the sign of Aquarius - the sign of friendship and non-conformity - and with sudden, revolutionary change. This doesn't mean that we are planning a reovlution, because this refers to a personal revolution. We support people who are disempowered by exclusion and stigma, and we provide them with support and opportunities until they experience that paradigm shift, change in consciousness, breakthrough which allows them to find a successful strategy to overcome the stigma and exclusion and take back the power to which they've been denied.

Why do we exist?

One of the fastest growing social issues today is social exclusion as a result of people becoming increasingly disconnected from social support systems. While social exclusion can happen for any number of reasons, and can affect people throughout society, in many cases social exclusion is an after-effect of social stigma and increasing social division caused by scarcity of resources and opportunities. This is what is causing the cultural decline and social fragmentation. Many people are left without access to opportunites and in the growing number of social issues many are also left without a social support network. As there are few if any opportunities to rebuild a new social support network many people are left isolated, alone, and in a position where they are unable to support themselves nor access support from other people.

What is Qultura looking to achieve?

We're looking to achieve a breakthrough in social interaction through motivating a change in culture and how people interact and relate to one another which directly benefits people who are adversely affected by social stigma and exclusion. We have set ourselves up as a freely accessible resource which can be used on a personal and a local community level for people to seek their own change and develop their own ideas and personal strategies for overcoming stigma and exclusion through social interaction, mutual support, cooperation and creative activities. Access to all our resources, spaces and networks is completely free of charge, no membership, no subscriptions, no obligation to buy anything or pay for anything.

The different ways of getting involved with Qultura

Participation is a key type of involvement in any network as participants effectively remove the sense of isolation nand exclusion that many people affected by such issues can feel by being given access to a network or community which includes them.

This also provides people with an environment which is non confrontational and non threatening through which a greater sense of awareness and understanding can be reached on issues such as social exclusion and social stigma and it also provides a freely accessible platform for sharing ideas, experiences, information as well as giving people access to a medium where they can find people, support and additional resources.

Reverse participation is designed to be a flexible means of support for people who need it in a way which is freely accessible. Reverse participation status is granted by our Governing Body of Trustees except in cases of Nil Income status - where someone has no source of income - where it is granted by our Primary Administrator. People who have reverse participation status have access to different levels of support from the rest of the network for emotional support, advice, information, material support and practical assistance.

Supporters are those who provide support which is in some cases practical but also which can be spatial, material, and even financial. Qultura is not a fundraising entity and unlike a lot of charities and organizations doesn't get 'in your face' about it. Instead we have flexible ways of giving support through a pledge and appeal system, through donations and there are ways and policies designed to ensure that such support goes directly to those who really need it.

All Qultura environments and networks are egalitarian in nature as we work to promote human individuality and creativity which means all our online groups and networks are moderated and administered so they are kept egalitarian and free from divisionism, power structures, hierarchies, commercialization, spam, and trolling. This is maintained by a number of volunteers who act as moderators and administrators working with the Primary Administrator.

Qultura works with a Governing Body of Trustees who act as the 'body public' and ensure that we are working effectively towards our mission and objectives in a way which is in the public interest and free from comflicts of interest.