The Qultura manifesto

You probably can recall being around trees, say in a forest, a local park, or in some woods. There's more than 3 trillion trees on this planet, each one of them unique and individual. Have you ever pointed at a tree and called a tree ugly? Or stupid? Have you ever got upset because a tree is different? Have you ever told a tree to fuck off? Probably not, because more likely you just accepted the trees for what they are and appreciated being around trees.

But whenever you get human beings around other human beings everything changes, doesn't it? Many of us immediately start becoming far more judgmental, prejudiced, and we all make assumptions without any real understanding or basis about the other people we come into contact with. If we aren't being judgmental, then why do we need so many dehumanizing labels to define other humans? You know the labels just as well as we do - white, black, Asian, asylum seeker, disabled, homeless, trans, gay, bi, old, fat, young, junkie, alkie, chav, ghetto trash, and so on.

Therefore to make everything clear at the start we have come up with this Qultura manifesto so everyone coming into our community is aware of our different Community Standards and we are all on the same page about what Qultura is really all about. If you come into our community we expect a commitment to all of these four manifesto commitments from everyone.

We are real, authentic, individual human beings

We are not defined by our labels, our reputations, our social status or position, or our Egos. It's never enough to just assume that we are 'good' people. Define good. Define bad. What makes your definition of good or bad better than anyone else's? No, because what defines us is our humanity, our individual experiences of life, our stories, and our 'stuff'. Therefore we always go one step further and are committed to being real and authentic - we talk our talk, we walk our walk and we actually live our individual truth.

We never betray ourselves by ideology, by hierarchy or external authority. We never hold other people hostage by demanding that they please us or serve us. Nor do we mindlessly follow someone else's agenda. We never ever compromise on our humanity or our authenticity as individual human beings.

We empower and platform individual human experience

For far too long we have been conditioned and enslaved to hierarchy and ideology through social and cultural values which exist for the comfort and the convenience of institutions, organizations and corporations, never for the benefit of the human individual. We cannot even begin to quantify the loss of opportunity, individual human experience, wasted human potential, that directly impacts the lives of most people living in society. For far too long ideology and authoritarianism has poisoned too many minds and destroyed too many lives.

As a result we live in a society with no social capital, no social security and no social mobility. Information technology, the internet and social media is fragmenting communities and society and such cultural decline is destroying our socio-economic system. We are experiencing a deficit of human consciousness and conscious awareness. We are running out of human empathy, social cohesion and the glue which keeps communities together. We are allowing our children to be educated to be mindless slaves lacking in social and environmental awareness.

These socially divisive and destructive processes generate an increasing amount of human trauma, human suffering, human misery and human exploitation. These processes can only be reversed by a solid commitment to the empowerment of individual human experience, individual human creativity and development of human empathy and community. Human society is based on human individuals, not corporations or hierarchies.

Solidarity with the disenfranchized, dis-empowered and excluded

It doesn't matter which local community we are referring to, at least 20% of that local community will be made up of people who are stigmatized, labelled, judged and excluded. We are referring to people with direct, first hand experience of social stigma, social exclusion and social issues - homelessness, destitution, long term unemployment, domestic abuse, disability, long term health issues, mental health issues, addiction, and so on.

The direct individual life experiences of such people matter and they matter because generally as a society we are lacking in awareness and understanding when it comes to issues such as poverty, inequality, social stigma, social exclusion, intersectionality, and social divisionism. Decades of equality and diversity training have not worked simply because if you have not directly experienced poverty and inequality first hand you do not understand how such issues complicate someone's life and make it much harder. Sticking meaningless irrelevant labels such as BAME, LGBTIQ on people does not even begin to address the issues such people face and most politicians are wilfully blind to the damage and destruction poverty and inequality causes not just individual people but society and our economy as a whole.

Such people affected by poverty, inequality, social stigma and social exclusion are not in any position to liberate themselves therefore it falls to us as a community to undertake the social responsibility of creating a safe, friendly, non-judgmental environment where such people can share their experiences and perspectives through sharing their truth and their stories.

The Qultura community is a subversive community

Subversion can be defined as the outward, creative self-expression of individual truth which is expressed outwards into the environment and community. Please keep in mind that the Qultura community is an alternative community, not an organization and this is because we need to be freely accessible to anyone and everyone in the wider community affected by social stigma and social exclusion in a way which grants them an immediate sense of social inclusion. Participation and involvement in the Qultura community is always completely free of charge for everyone, and while we are not an organization we are supported by other organizations and local authorities.

This also means that this is not a protest organization but a mystical community resource and an empathy-focussed community. We have no interest in the ideological and cultural bullshit and psychological mindgames of flinging monkey poo at each other. Either you have empathy or you don't. It really is that simple. You either get it or you don't.

All you really need to be a member of the Qultura community is to be in touch with your humanity, have some degree of empathy and an interest in the human condition.

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About Qultura

Qultura is a developing mystical community resource which is both an alternative dream weaving community and a Human Library project. Centred in Nine Elms, London we offer free access to Qultura methodology, the Qultura community and regularly scheduled Human Library events. Through what we do we offer opportunities to develop consciousness, mindfulness and community to anyone interested in exploring and developing ways of living alternative to modern mainstream social and cultural values.