The necessity of space for mindfulness and well being.


This is one of two articles written as an introduction to Qultura for people new to the community. This article is all about space and non-existence. Therefore this article is all about reality and the different levels of reality and how vitally important it is to understand space and the different levels of reality we experience in life. This becomes especially important in any journey involving mindfulness, the development of consciousness and spiritual awakening, and even more important than that when it comes to developing such awareness through magical means such as dream weaving.

Magic 101 for beginners

What makes Qultura unique among the different approaches to mindfulness and the development of consciousness is that it's a methodology developed to work in community through magic and dream weaving activity. Other, far more older techniques and methods, such as Buddhism, Taoism and yoga use the mind itself, which is fine because the mind is space, but often you have to go through a teacher or guru and learn an awful lot of cosmology - much of which is alien to the typical Ego-based Western mindset. I feel this is unnecessary because you already have a cosmology from religion. You understand what God is, or Allah, or Jah, or Jehovah, right? Well if I tell you that these are all religious terms for ultimate reality hopefully the penny should drop and we should be all more or less on the same page when it comes to cosmology.

Therefore the Qultura starting point is understanding existence and non-existence. Existence is symbolized in Qultura in the logo with a tree and the other article is about physical form and what lies behind the symbolism of the tree. However to connect to space and non-existence we need to understand magic and what magic actually is. Fundamentally magic is all about working with space and the environment in meta-physical, invisible ways. Think of the magic tricks performed by a stage magician. All tricks are based on the magician getting you to focus your attention on some physical form, say a card, a cup, a box, an assistant, and making a connection which you're not aware of through space or emptiness to another form. The magic works because your mind can be fooled or tricked and you're always left thinking "How did that happen?" or "How did I miss that?"


One of the simplest examples of magic and how magic works is sailing. Imagine you have a boat and you need to get across some water. You've got three options:

  • You can use physical effort and either row or paddle your boat across the water. You just need strong arms and a lot of energy.
  • You can use mechanical means and attach an engine to the stern of the boat. But you would still to steer the boat and find fuel for the engine.
  • You can erect a mast and hoist a sail and move the boat without effort and using fuel by getting the environment to move the boat. You cooperating with the environment to create change is essentially what magic is all about.

Qultura is a primarily environmental, magical and community focussed means of developing consciousness and mindfulness. The notion that you can 'achieve' mindfulness or greater conscious awareness through effort and hard work or be 'taught' mindfulness by a teacher is ridiculous. You exist in a universe, on a living planet, you're surrounded by 8 billion human beings. Developing consciousness and mindfulness is effortless, so why would you need to use any effort? Why the need for example to go the long way round and use traditional outdated methods such as meditation and yoga? Or are you the type of person who prefers to commute to work by horse drawn carriage?

ground of being

The ground of being

If you're going to get involved in magic and dream weaving then you need to have at least a basic understanding of what's out there in the environment. This is so you understand at least what you are working with. Above what you have is an illustration of what is known as 'the ground of being', the way things are in reality.

Often in the West we are taught to believe that we are separate from our environment and also separate from the 'spiritual world', 'the Other Side;, the 'Afterlife' and so on. Understand that there is no separateness anywhere in existence, there is no 'Other Side' or spiritual world. There is just spirit (or 'sky) or Akasha, this is a universe which is spiritual, conscious and intelligent and we are all part of that same spirit and oneness with the universe.


This is the principle behind The Magician in the Tarot and One in numerology, this is the mystical principle of unity through consciousness, which is the basis of magic. Life is simply and experience of an environment through physical reality. Birth is where you manifest in physical form, life is the experience of an environment through the physical form and from the perspective of a human being and death is where you leave the physical form and body behind and move on to the next body and incarnation.

This means that everyone else is you in another incarnation and state of existence. We have lived many times before but always as someone different, and we will come back to life or reincarnate always as another human being. This means you are only who you are now in one life cycle.


Duality and non-duality

Next thing we need to understand when it comes to understanding space is the difference between duality and non-duality. Above you see an image I nicked from Gestalt psychology - because this is the simplest way I know of communicating the difference between duality and non-duality. So what you have are three images which are each composites of two images in one, so there's actually six images:

  • On the left you see either a black Rubin vase or two white faces in profile facing each other.
  • In the centre you see either a black tree and birds or a white gorilla facing a white lioness.
  • On the right you see a black silhouette of a man playing a saxophone or a composite black and white image of a woman's face.

Now you can spend as much time as you like looking at these images, but in each of the composite images you will only be able to see one image, despite knowing that there are two images in one. The image you perceive from your individual perspective will be the image what exists, which you will perceive as consciousness and existence. The image you don't see you will perceive as space surrounding the image. So from your perspective, unaware, you will see consciousness and space as two completely different things. The way I personally explain the difference is that:

  • consciousness is existence, because it's existence and information which can be perceived and known. Nothing can exist without giving out information about its existence, right?
  • space is reality, because from your perspective space is non-existence, it's emptiness, void, nothingness and what defines existence and physical form.

This is duality. Your mind can only think in terms of dualities and polarities - e.g. light and dark, sound and silence, hard and soft, hot and cold, and so on. However...

  • consciousness and space are one and the same thing - consciousness. Space is conceptual and is consciousness beyond the outer limits of your ability to perceive and conceive consciousness.

This is non-duality. You can only perceive consciousness and space together through extrasensory perception and spirit. This means that from your conscious perspective everything is connected through space, but through spirit you understand that everything is connected through consciousness. Consciousness is the fundamental basis of all existence.


Dream weaving 101 - the fundamentals

So now we come to the basics and fundamentals of dream weaving through Qultura. Dream weaving is quite literally the 'weaving' together of different thoughts, emotions, feelings, experiences, memories, stories, ideas, dreams, visions, to create new reality. This new reality involves nothing more than giving space in relationship to others through community through primary social interaction, drama, role play, power songs, and simple magic rituals.

Power songs, part of traditional shamanistic and dream weaving culture among American Indians and indigenous people throughout the world involve drumming, rattling and chanting, can also be used to create space in relationship and there are numerous songs in Western culture which can be used as power songs, for example Argent's 'Hold Your Head Up' or Queen's 'We Will Rock You', or maybe Harry J. Allstars 'Liquidator' or Prince Buster's 'One Step Beyond' if you want to get up and move around. But you can just get up and stomp and clap yourself silly for a few minutes.

This is just one technique for creating space in relationship, but now as you understand that space is actually consciousness, the space you create in relationship and community is actually a shared awareness of consciousness which everyone has access to and this shared conscious awareness is different from your individual conscious awareness. What happens is that everyone is 'brought to centre' and returned to a state of mindfulness and heightened conscious awareness and we can all get down to some serious soul work in community.

woman coffee

The benefits of dream weaving

Make no mistake, dream weaving is a very effective and often powerful way of developing consciousness and returning to mindfulness which when done in community requires minimal effort on your part other than to learn the simple mystical principles involved. All you need to do is turn up and participate in community, get along with other people and create enough space in relationship for everyone to be themselves and feel included. Through the Qultura community you can do this through regular in person meetings and workshops and also online through a Community Message Board.

Besides being completely free of charge and not requiring any training, teaching, courses or instruction (because we all make everything up as we go along) there are numerous other benefits:

  • a better sense of connection to others and to one's environment
  • reduced anxiety and fear
  • improved mental health and accelerated recovery from mental health issues
  • liberation from compulsive behaviour and addiction
  • improved self-awareness, self-confidence and self-appraisal
  • improved sleep and concentration
  • improved sense of emotional and psychological well being
  • improved ability to spot deception, lies, and bullshit
  • polar thinking and the ability to make connections between unrelated events and things

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