How to get involved

Your involvement is based on you, not us..


Usually when you become involved in any organization your role is fixed and predetermined by a role or function. Many organizations have a clear division between service user and service provider. You often have a position which is based on a specific role or function. This position is usually inflexible which means that your role is based on that position. This is not how Qultura works.

Involvement in Qultura is based on variables.

Involvement in Qultura is based on two variables. The first variable is based on your circumstances and needs as an individual human being, and the second is based on the needs, objectives and type of individual project. We are a very small organization based in Battersea in South London, but we also have lots of information technology, so technically you could be anywhere in the world.

The core principle

Qultura is founded on the core principle of free access to culture and cultural development for anyone participating in their local community to provide a social benefit. This is because the individual human being is an individual reflection of the entire human race and is based on the concept of mutual arising. It does not matter who you are, you are an individual member of the species known as homo spaiens and a human being. Your position in society is grounded in reality and as such, is equal to that of anyone else.

Free access to culture therefore refers to free access to opportunity and also free from financial cost for everyone who is participating in their community. You are not required to pay any membership fees. You are not required to pay a subsceription, you are not under any obligation to pay for anything or buy anything and the content of this website is made accessible to you free of charge for all non commercial and personal purposes. It's down to you to find the rest.


Any involvement in Qultura, it's work or activities, whether online or offline, involves a series of commitments which relate to you personally.

  • Positive being - a commitment to being yourself as an individual human being and understanding that there's nobody better at being you than you.
  • Positive connection - a commitment to being grounded in reality and understanding that you're connected to others and your environment and relative to everyone and everything else.
  • Positive living - a commitment to positive interaction with others and seeking out experience for your own self-development towards your personal life objectives and interests. You only get to live once, and your life is here and now..
  • Positiive perspective - this is a commitment to understanding that others are just as individual and unique as you and are, essentially, a reflection of you and others in their own individual way. They are also living towards their own objectives. Their experience and perspecrtive could be beneficial to you if you are receptive enough to find out.
  • Positive action - this is a commitment to trying things out and remaining committed to your own ideas and creativity following through into action and persisting until you accept that you made a decision in error.
  • Positive impact - this is a commitment to understand that your environment is just as much a part of you as your face and hands, that you are an essential part of that environment, of your community and therefore have an impact on not just the environment but on others as well.

Qultura works on the basis of community, mutual trust, mutual support, reciprocity and good relations. There are no rules, no hierarchies or dynamics, no personality cults, no personal capitalism. We don't care how you go about meeting your commitments. Everyone is connected but everyone is an individual. Be yourself. Be different. Be individual.

The different ways of getting involved.

Qultura functions on the basis of individual projects. Anyone can start a project. Anyone can become involved in a project. Everything starts from bheing in an online group and interacting online. There are different levels of involvement based on participation, reverse participation, volunteering and being a supporter - supporting the participation of others. Your level of participation may vary from project to project. For example you can be a participant in one project, a volunteer in another, and a reverse participant in another.


This is the default level in Qultura and is based on participation in an online group and projects which are public. Participation is considered necessary for different people and is based on primary social interaction - social interaction which is pleasant, positive and reaffirming. Our projects need many people and we also encourage divsity and people being different, unique and highly individual.

Reverse participation

As a key concept of social design is creating better and more inclusive social structures in local communtiies we have ca different level of participation for people who have direct personal experience of a social issue. At its most basic level reverse participation means that someone has experience of life or an insight not shared by the wider community or society such as having a disability, being jobless, being homeless, and therefore have experience or perspectives which can make others more socially aware and conscious when it comes to social design and community support projects. We consider that nobody understands unemployment better than people who have been jobless themselves, nobody understands disability better than someone who has a disability and so on.

Furthermore people who are currently experiencing social issues are also among the most disempowered in a community or society, and are often the ones most deprived of opportunities or personal experience. reversing this disempowerment is a key objective of social design which is why we recognize experience of social issues and grant reverse participation status to anyone with direct and present experience of a social issue. Being granted reverse participation status gives those who are experiencing social issues the possibility of writing appeals to get additional support from others.


We also need volunteers who can get involved and help develop Qultura as a community both online and offline. We don't offer predetermined roles for two reasons. Firstly because the emphasis of Qultura is on human individuality and creativity and creating a predefined role stifles both. Secondly sd our work is based on individual projects based in individual local communities and local community culture, it is not for us to determine how those projects develop. We don't dictate, we facilitate. Theerfore volunteering is about you seeing a way to develop Qultura, taking the intiiative and creating your own role. Volunteer when and how you like. Just be sure to work it all out with us beforehand. Please don't just decide that you're a Qultura volunteer, you also need our agreement.

We desperately need volunteers to start projects at Qultura Core in London. Please contact us for mroe details.


Supporters have their own section on this website under Support Qultura.

The use of apps

We use different aopps to facilitate communication between people - Whatsapp, Skype and Slack, which is a workgroup application. Please note that on Whatsapp and Skype we don't appriove of video calls, but you can choose between making voice calls or sending text messages (or chatting on Skype). If you need to use Slack for a project please message us beforehand for a link.

A note about activism

We welcome and encourage non-ideological actvism which does not promote any specific religious or political beliefs. These beliefs are counterproductive to our mission and objectives as we are opposed to all forms of external authority. We are not concerned with the political situation in any society or community we don't mind you having religious beliefs or political beliefs but Qultura is not the environment for you to be pushing those beliefs on others. Please, keep them personal.

About our online groups

We have groups on various social media. The first three groups - Qultura Core, Qultura Main and Qultura Connect are on Groupbox. Qultura Core relates speciifcally to our Qultura Core projects in London and Qultura Connect is for people who are seeking other people and for the exchange of support and resources through our pledge and appeal system (see under Support).Qultura main is the main discussion group on Groupbox and functions like our other social media groups.

Qultura's online groups

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