Cultural decline

Cultural decline is the chief fundamental cause of social exclusion and social stigma because it is caused by insufficient cultural development and social progress and exacerbated by moral decline and social and political failure. 

Artificial scarcity

This is the primary cause of the conditions for social exclusion, the inequality, poverty, social division, social conflicts and desire for domination and control through social conflict, emotional insecurity and deprivation.

Belief attachments

This is codependent on artificial scarcity and is what causes moral and social decline, social conflict, civil unrest, totalitarianism, warfare, fascism and many other beliefs which end in '-ism'. Belief attachments inhibit democracy and the development of societal order and structure and are exacerbated by political failure.


Authoritarianism is any attempt to enforce social order and control on a society or community through a totalitarian regime and abuse of human rights. This does not resolve the social disorder nor the cultural decline but merely exacerbates it further with the risk of civil unrest, civil disobedience, social collapse and civil war.


All addictive behaviour is caused by attachment to belief, emotional insecurity and moral decline through either ignorance and amorality or personal choice and immorality. This includes addiction to money, the acquisition of material and financial assets and property and personal power.

Social stigma

Social stigma is a social process which results in depersonalization, dehumanization, status loss, denial of access to opportunity and abuse of human rights which creates social division and is a major cause of social exclusion. Social stigma can have individual and institutional sources of which institutionalized racism and sexism are two very common examples.

Social cleansing

Social cleansing refers to any forced relocation or dispossession of one's home. This is a trend which is increasing among local authorities and among property developers who differentiate between 'more desirable' people and 'less desirable' people in local communities and rather than work to create opportunities and invest in people in their communities, simply uproot people and force them to move elsewhere. This has the effect of destroying lives.

The causes of social exclusion

The common cause of issues is cultural decline


It's important to remember that social exclusion, together with social stigma (which often directly causes social exclusion) are symptoms of cultural decline and social and political failure. This section is not intended to point fingers or apportion blame, but just point out the causes which bring about the consequences and the effects.

Failure is in itself an opportunity for change, and change is always possible.

Universal law and cause and effect.

Energy which fills the universe, functions according to absolute principles known as universal law which apply to everything in existence. Everything functions according to action, reaction and interaction, cause and effect and consequences. Universal law applies to everything in existence, it applies to the universe itself, to the solar system, to nature, the functioning of the planet, and it also applies to Mankind.

Dramatic and traumatic consequences.

For every action there is a reaction and interaction. Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. Effects or outcomes can be either dramatic or traumatic.

Dramatic consequences result in a lowering of energy frequency and an increase of energy wavelength which results in increased consciousness. This increases resonance and vibration between people, creates order and structure, promotes cohesion, freedom, and is capable of reversing climate change. Human perception of consciousness is one of the most powerful forces that we know of in the universe.

Traumatic consequences result in an increase of energy frequency which shortens energy wavelengths and leads to a loss of human perception of consciousness. This creates chaos, disorder, stress, conflict, enslavement, distress, and destabilization of the environment. Human conflict is the biggest single causative factor of climate change and has the capacity to trigger natural disasters and is also what is driving mass extinction together with our disregard for the environment and Nature.

Universal law is based on energetic processes. Only by causing a dramatic reaction and energetic process can a traumatic process be halted and reversed. This requires the development of consciousness through creativity and cultural development. Irrespective of what you believe this is scientific reality. Until we can actually reverse the global traumatic energetic process humanity and much of life on this planet faces extinction.

Lack of morality and integrity.

Morality is the ability to cause dramatic energetic processes through one's awareness and understanding of one's environment and others. This requires the ability to be able to consistently choose right over wrong (or dramatic over traumatic) in one's choices, decisions and actions. Morality is the fundamental basis for human rights. .

Integrity is the ability to consistently be able to perceive and communicate truth through the development of consciousness, awareness and understanding. Both are extremely important and essential to living existence as the conscious mind accounts for only 4% of our perception and ability to function. When we become attached to belief systems which are cognitive processes which have nothing to do with perception of our environment and others we lose contact with actual reality and start to create our own reality becoming disconnected from our environment and other people around us. This is what creates ignorance.

Ignorance is any state which reduces integrity and the ability to form moral principles.

Abuse of human rights.

A human right is defined as the ability to function and live in a manner which does not cause harm to any living being, is harmonious with the environment and does not destroy natural habitat or conditions which sustain living existence.

Most people do not understand human rights and confuse human rights with privilege and entitlement. Privilege is something which you are born into and is a social advantage. Entitlement is something bestowed on you by another person or government. A human right is something which is organic, natural, exists irrespective of personal belief, and is to be respected.

Morality is the ability to live on reciprocal terms with everyone else. It is commonly seen as knowing the difference between right and wrong but it is also the ability to see a complete relationship between different points and make the 'right' choices, decisions and actions which are beneficial to each in a relationship and to the relationship as a whole. Morality is critical to being able to seek out and perceive truth and enjoy personal freedom.

Abuse of authority and personal power.

Personal power is not a conscious thing, but is unconscious and comes from the ability to perceive consciousness in energy through personal integrity and the development of sound moral principles. Therefore personal power can only be gained through sharing power with others.

However many people seek to concentrate personal power through a desire to dominate over others and impose one's perception and reality on other people. This is achieved through a belief in power being conscious and achieved through the acquisition of material or physical reality. Many people are socially conditioned to believe that the ability to acquire money, property and personal possessions as well as attract other people to them in a physical sense gives them power and status.

This is what directly causes the inequality, abuse of human rights, deprivation, poverty which in turn causes the social stigma and social exclusion.

But this is not just about the concentration of personal power but also the abdication of personal responsibility for one's individual moral and integral choices either to someone arbitrarily assigned personal power or to a belief system which leads to the indifference and inhumanity, not to mention a tendency for obedience, consensual enslavement and following rules which leads to abuse of human rights and also human atrocities.

An overdependence on technology

Technological development is a means of developing morality and integrity which always needs to be carefully balanced with creativity for it to be of benefit to Mankind.

An overdependence on technology without cultural development, the development of human creativity, real time, face to face social interaction can result in ignorance and decline of personal integrity and moral decline.

This is not so much down to conscious, deliberate choice but also down to the exposure of harmful digital energy waves and their effects on our unconscious thinking processes. Research by Qultura has indicated consistently that an overdependence on technology has similar effects to the effects of social exclusion, and can cause sleep disturbances, loss of cognitive functioning, impairment of perception, problem solving ability, eating disorders, addiction, irritability and emotional imbalances.

The harmful effects of square waves

Square waves are harmful because they disrupt our natural thinking processes and increase our energy frequency levels which creates stress, anxiety, tension, discomfort and in some cases pain.

We are all in constant contact with square waves - computer screens, smartphone screens, televisions, energy saving light bulbs, smart fluorescent lights, most sounds we hear are now digital so much, much of what is broadcast, ATMs, automatic checkouts, telephones, and even such things as street lights, traffic signals and CCTV cameras, as well as anything else which uses digital waves.


There are many threats, some of which are existential, which threaten not just the life of humans on this planet but also life in all other forms as well. We believe these necessitate the imperative need for widespread action for cultural development and the development of community support networks in local communities.

Agenda 21

We believe that the UN resolution for sustainability agreed at the 1992 UN summit in Rio de janiero requires urgent revision and renegotiation with a move away from globalization and depopulation strategies and in its present form Qultura does not fully support it.

Human extinction

Our lack of environmental awareness and ability to observe universal law and respect Nature is exacerbating the 6th mass extinction of which Mankind is likely to be a part of due to loss of natural habitat, groundwater supplies and climate change.

The 5G network

The imminent rolling out of the 5G network and development of IOT (the internet of things) and smart technology presents very serious environmental, sociological and economic threats which need to be far more carefully examined and investigated. A major concern of Qultura is the potential loss of control of governments and social structures which could exacerbate existing issues rather than resolve them.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is the failing social security system which is due to be rolled out throughout the UK to replace the current benefits system. While we appreciate the reforms and basic principle and intention of Universal Credit we feel it falls far short of being able to provide effective support to anyone out of work and in it current state could provoke widespread civil unrest and even social collapse. We believe that this could and should be averted by transforming UC into a universal basic income and expanding entitlement.

Moving forward

We are in a dire state of circumstances for which we believe further social division, political conflicts and arguing is unhelpful and counterproductive, We are set up to work with different people and organizations to work to develop culture and community support networks in the local community and we stress the importance of people working together to create new solutions to address these issues. If you want to get involved and do something we suggest reading about the issues to develop some awareness and getting involved through our Reconnection programme.