Joining our community

When you sign up to the Qultura community using the form provided either on our home page or the introduction to our community you are providing us with your basic details so as to join the Qultura Core project's central mailing list. But far more importantly you're stepping out of the mainstream culture and joining the culture of our community which is much more egalitarian, natural and humanitarian.

What this really means

This means, as much as you possibly can, without screwing your life up, you walk away from the collapsing system - rejecting individualism as much as you can - and you focus on starting afresh and working to rebuild a new set of social and cultural values through empathy, getting to know people, connecting to people, finding them, seeking them out and developing connections. Our primary focus is on just one thing - human survival - on a personal level, a community level, and ultimately on a social, international and global level. It doesn't matter how far we get, it doesn't matter how we figure out how to go about it, just as long as we don't cause any more divisions, any more harm, or create any more trauma.

But also please bear in mind that the current divisive attitudes out in the mainstream don't apply within our community. Your skin colour, gender identity, body size and shape, how much money you have in the bank, your professional status, none of this is important. What's important is how we connect to one another, how we treat one another, how we support one another, and how we cooperate with one another.

We accept that there might be some time between the time you sign up to the Qultura community and - if you choose to sit back and do nothing, and just pay attention to how our community develops - when you actually have the opportunity to participate in a way which is meaningful and significant. This period could be anything from a few hours to a few years.

Keeping it real, keeping it dynamic

The Qultura community is designed to almost indigenous in nature - egalitarian, fluid, flexible, based on the African concept of ubuntu and the fact that each member of the community is significant for their individuality and uniqueness, but our power comes in how it all comes together in the community. This is a community of developing and shifting perspectives, expanding our minds, sharing our experiences, because ultimately this is what human evolution is really all about.

We are the antithesis of a social movement. We're not interested in telling you what to think and believe because you already have what's needed to function in our community - a unique and individual perspective on life. However we expect you to develop on this however which way you like to develop on your perspective, go through your own process of individuation, walk your own path and start evolving in your own natural way towards whatever you define as a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle. This is why you're dealing with a complex website and invited to go through a process of awakening and de-hypnotization from the current individualistic system. This website is complex because it's designed to be used by a community of people and with the right people and the right community this can become a very powerful resource.

But it's down to you to make it work for you.