Karma - the principle of action, reaction and interaction.

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Karma is a Sanskrit word which simply means 'action'. Karma therefore relates to action, reaction and interaction, specifically to the mystical transaction between you - the individual - and your environment and the totality or the universe.

What you do v. what happens to you

Karma is all about what you do versus what happens to you. The transaction always starts with you and this corresponds with the first or primary principle of magic:

Whatever energy or consciousness you project directly out into the environment or cosmos always comes back to you. It might come back lesser. It might come back tenfold. But it will always come back to you.

In Qultura methodology

Qultura methodology is derived from Therevada Buddhism and both dependent arising and karma are concepts which Qultura methodology shares with other philosophies and religions such as Buddhism, the Tao Te Ching, Vedanta, Sikhism, and Hinduism. However the Qultura concept of karma differs from all the aforementioned.

Your existence is part of a mystical transaction between you and the universe, if which you are part. the mystical transaction is the interaction between consciousness and space, or existence and reality.

You re born into a life which involves both a certain amount of trauma (pain, struggle, conflict, heartache, sickness, aging, disease, suffering, and so on) and also karma because you lack the conscious awareness of the environment of your living existence. You are already enlightened as you're ever going to be because your process of life, death and rebirth is tied to the course of biological evolution relating to the planet.

However as you lack the conscious awareness of your environment and thus the conscious awareness of the mystical transaction between you and the universe, or between your existence and reality, you will be faced with various choices and dilemmas throughout the course of your life. The circumstances of your life, your environment, the choices and dilemmas you face and how you respond to them are all your karma.

Karma is choice

Now you can either seek to resolve your karma and thus grow, develop your consciousness and achieve a flow of life where what happens to you is matched up to what you do in life and you face few if any choices or dilemmas.

Or you can continue building karma from your lack of awareness, making inappropriate choices and build up even more karma, and continue to struggle through a life which gets increasing difficult until you give up and say "Screw this."

It's your existence. Your reality. Your life. Your choice. You have to decide for yourself how much life experience and happiness you want, and whether you're prepared to make the effort, do the work, and achieve both a balanced perspective and flow of life. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. If you don't want to liberate yourself from your karma you can sit back and let others control your life and determine the outcomes.

How to resolve karma?

Obviously the response here is to develop a Qultura method and get involved in the Qultura community because resolving karma requires both a method of enquiry and interaction with others to provide the insight you need. However in this section of seven webpages we're going to go through everything that's important about resolving karma and making choices. Note that four of the webpages are four basic powerful choices you can make to resolve karma.