Laws and theories


This is the section of our Community Reources which gives you access to the various laws and theories which form the fundamental basis of our work and functioning. We have made this section accessible to you so that you can explore it with other sections to figure out your individual perspective and go through your own individual process of individuation. It's not important whether or not you agree or disagree with what is included in this section - what is important is what you think, how you feel, and coming up with your own interpretation which can form the basis for your perspective.


Below we present a brief overview of the various webpages you will find in this section.

Creative Law
This is Creative Law which was developed out of Stella Baker's previous theory of modern drama which were the principles of working with drama and consciousness to develop drama workshops which were used in Qultura Fringe. It was Stella Baker's personal discovery that drama was opposite to trauma and that it was the development of consciousness which negated trauma which led to the development of Creative Law. This was when she got together with David Fisher to establish Qultura as a vehicle for sharing Creative Law in the public interest.
This is a webpage about consciousness and what consciousness is all about which includes quotes about consciousness from leading researchers into consciousness such as Rupert Sheldrake, Deepak Chopra, Graham Hancock, Dr Stuart Hameroff, Dr Marjorie Woollacott and others.
This webpage is concluded with a section where Stella Baker explains the relationship between consciousness and energy frequency.
Universal Law
This is a webpage about Universal Law, sometimes also known as natural law, which is all to do with relativity, interdependency and reciprocity.
Human individuality
This is a webpage about human individuality which Stella Baker developed out of Creative Law which explains the four basic and fundamental things which go together to make up an individual human being.
Social Theory
This is Stella Baker's social theory which was developed out of Creative Law together with human individuality and which is also influenced by the Omega Lambda principle (see below).
The process aspect
The process aspect is an aspect of Universal Law which describes the continuum of connectivity and interdependency which makes up the eternal sequence of action, reaction and interaction.
Omega Lambda
This is the principle first discovered by a team of astrophysicists in 1998 relating to the phenomenon of increasing complexity and diversity in both the universe and nature. This principle of Omega Lambda is encapsulated into Creative Law and this is also a major influence on the work of Qultura
This is actually titled 'Understanding truth' and is all about creating truth from reality through the felt sense of immediate experience and perception.